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6 Facts About Personal Jet Traveling That You Need To Know

6 Facts About Personal Jet Traveling That You Need To Know

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Often, private aviation is a common target for those who want to smack the rich or CEOs on what they perceive as an industry that is damaging the environment. A recent reveal by Forbes showed that the US makes up over 49% of the global market for private jets. If you dislike going through long security queues, removing your shoes, or congesting into a small commercial seat, you might consider flying private. The number of first-time private charter travelers is increasing and shows no signs of slowing down. Ideally, it might be attributed to the rising cases of COVID-19 as people want to feel more secure when flying. “Before hiring a private aircraft, it’s critical that you do your research and understand some fundamental concepts,” says David Zipkin, Vice President and founding member at Tradewind Aviation. 

Here’s everything you should know about private aircraft.

1. It might be Cheaper than First-Class

Sounds too good to be true. However, if you’re flying as a group, a private aircraft could be the cheaper option. Before booking rows of first-class tickets, consider looking into private travel first. You could even split the cost evenly between your group to bring the cost much down. In most cases, the cost could be much lower than it would have been if all of you flew first-class on a regular plane. Depending on your provider, services, fuel, and amenities, your package’s cost is all included when flying privately.

2. Want to Change the Interior of the Jet Into Purple? You Call the Shots!

When you’re flying privately, everything has a price tag. Additionally, everything is possible too! Some travelers take the opportunity to spend as much as they can and customize their flying experience. There are some stories in mainstream media about the most extra services requested by travelers. They range from smaller demands such as listening to Lionel Ritchie, the entire flight, to extravagant services. How about an outrageous lover of purple, who wanted everything in purple: interiors, beverages and food, staff clothes, and even a purple carpet.

3. Packing Luggage

Every airline provider has its regulations about the weight and size of luggage you need to carry. First, you don’t want to take bags that exceed the specified limit. This is because you’ll be required to pay more. Most, if not all airline providers, will allow you to carry a second, smaller bag onto the airplane. This is accompanied together by your hand luggage. Ensure you pack your luggage in a way that allows you to take out something easily during a security check. In most cases, checked baggage will travel a long way before you have it. This is why you need to ensure nothing sticks out, like zippers, belts, pins, etc.

4. What About the Speed?

There’s a common misconception that it takes longer to get to your destination when you fly privately. No. Private jets are usually as fast as their commercial counterparts. However, the speed varies depending on the size of the aircraft. Sure, small planes might be a bit slower. But, this doesn’t beat the long security queues you have to make when flying commercially. This makes up for the lack of speed on these smaller planes. Less time spent queuing long security checks and more time in the air means you’ll get to your destination fast enough without delays.

5. The Staff is Awesome

On a private jet, you will have a pilot, co-pilot, and crew. In most cases, there’s usually one flight attendant to cater to your needs during the flight. You can also make special requests depending on the company you fly with. Many private jet companies can cater to demands for additional staff to be available for your flight. The staff is fantastic and can meet any needs you might have. If you are flying for a business expedition, you can request an in-flight secretary on board. Additionally, you can also ask for a massage therapist if you are traveling for a vacation.

6. Convenience

The biggest perk of flying privately is the convenience it comes with. Imagine not having to show up at the airport three hours ahead, having to wait around in noisy and congested areas with other travelers. When flying privately, you can show up 20 minutes before scheduled takeoff. The entire process of checking-in is narrowed down, allowing you to save time.

Even though flying privately is a bit of a luxury, you won’t go back to flying commercially once you’ve flown privately. Say goodbye to the long security queues when you fly with a private jet. When it comes to flying privately, the sky’s the limit. You get to customize your options, schedule your flight, request extra services, and have the view you want.