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Top Travel Destinations Made Popular by Famous Books

Top Travel Destinations Made Popular by Famous Books

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Take any famous book and you will instantly envision the places and the buildings, the rivers, and the beautiful (or creepy) landscapes that make you become an integral part of the writing. Starting with the famous King’s Cross station in London to Rajasthan in India, you will be hard-pressed not to think about traveling to those locations in person. Once a book gets published and there’s a mention of the small cafe in New York with the red bouquet on the porch, millions of tourists and fans of the story will choose the place as the travel destination they have to visit!

Top Travel Destinations Made Popular by Famous Books

King’s Cross station in London, UK

The fans of Harry Potter have a great tradition of gathering at the station on September 1st to celebrate the coming back to Hogwarts. It is also one of the locations that you will enjoy because the station has a great location to visit all the other famous places in London and beyond. Since it’s always filled with an endless flock of tourists, it might be a bit challenging to get your Instagram picture, yet it’s definitely worth trying!

Bran Castle in Romania

Some of us like to visit places that do look beautiful but remain creepy at the same time. The perfect example is the Bran Castle or the place that most people will associate with Dracula. Thousands of books have included this place in Romania in their thriller and horror-story writing. By the way, if you want to compose a short story or need to do creative writing as you travel, consider Top Essay Writing by checking free samples of how things can be done. Get creative and make the most out of your travel!

Paris, France

Another interesting location worth visiting is Paris, even if you choose to do it online or virtually. Think about Ernest Hemingway and his famous “A Movable Feast” novel. The way he describes the society, entertainment, and people in Paris at that time is incredibly detailed and interesting. The majority of the classic books that relate to France have a strong relation to the famous city. If you have a chance to visit the place or need to write about the location, you may check GrabMyEssay for inspiration and see how an expert can help you pen a beautiful paper or come up with a plan for your future travels as you explore the classics.

Great Neck in New York, USA

This is the place where Francis Scott Fitzgerald lived as he created the famous “The Great Gatsby” in 1925. Even though things do not look the same in modern New York, there are still many places to visit around because it remains filled with contrasts and inconsistencies between the rich and the poor, the luxury and the poverty. There is also a strong link to the Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton (1921), which also highlights the same period but does it differently by creating New York’s flavor that is still relevant and existing today as you explore the location.

Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England

The chances are high that you have read the Lord of the Rings books and might have wondered about Middle-earth. According to J.R.R. Tolkien, the beauty of the lush hills has been inspired by the hills of Gloucestershire in England. Even if you visit the place today, you will still recognize the beautiful English countryside and the amount of green as you travel along. It does remind us of New Zealand here and there, which is also the reason why the film adaptation has been set there. If you want to get the feel of the book, it’s high time to pack your bags and pay the Forest of Dean a visit!

Organized Tours vs Private Visits

Both solutions will work just fine, depending on your time and temperament! When you choose to visit a particular destination, think about turning to an organized tour. Doing so will help you to get the most out of your traveling experience. You can also visit the local library, and the bookshops, then have a cup of delicious English tea at the medieval café. Without a doubt, if plan to visit the famous street in London or spend your time in Stockholm to remind yourself of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo or even Karlsson on The Roof by Astrid Lindgren, you can always go alone and enjoy your time without any schedules or the pressure of having to attend this or that! BIO

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