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10 simple ways to boost your happiness on the road

10 simple ways to boost your happiness on the road

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1. Stop comparing yourself to others and where they go.

2. Do only what you love. Don’t waste your time exploring somebody else’s dream destinations.

3. If something goes wrong, don’t get angry too quickly. Maybe something better is coming along instead.

4. Big expectations are the greatest obstacle to appreciating what you have.

5. Be present here and now. Don’t overthink yesterday or obsess about tomorrow. (Click here for more on mindful travel)

6. Instead of souvenirs, collect experiences, friends and beautiful memories.

7. Accept that not everything is made to be comfortable or to suit you.

8. What you think is wrong’ might be normal here. Everything normal’ has its geographical borders.

9. Don’t stick strictly to the plan – allow yourself the occasional detour. (Get inspired with Spontaneous travel – 9 steps to enjoy an unplanned trip)

10. Accept acts of hospitality. If someone in the street invites you to have a coffee, take the opportunity to get to know them. That’s how the best stories (and friendships) begin.