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5 things you should know before you travel to Brazil

5 things you should know before you travel to Brazil

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You have probably heard that the world is your playground. If you have not gotten out there to explore just a bit, then you certainly do not know what you are missing. There is so much to do and experience in this big world of ours, so it would be a shame to just stay in once location your entire life. With that in mind, it is time to plan a trip to Brazil. This is one of the more well known and exotic destinations in all of South America. Nearly everyone on earth has heard of Carnival and the electric atmosphere that is found in Rio de Janeiro. That is just the beginning. Before you go to Brazil, here are a few things that you should know.

English is not widely spoken

If you are going to Brazil expecting to speak English everywhere you go, then you will be sorely mistaken. This is a country that does not even speak Spanish in most places. Portuguese is the law of the land, and English just does not seem to ever have caught on here. You will find this to be true even in restaurants and major hotels. This is a chance for you to embrace a new language and learn from the local people. You will find out that most people are more than accommodating of your lack of ability to speak their language, as long as you understand that they do not speak yours either.

Bring lots of money with you

While Brazil might not be on the same level as London or Paris when it comes to prices, it is still much more expensive than other areas in the region. If you are used to cheaper places around Latin America, you will want to reconsider your budget when coming to Brazil. Bring plenty of money so that you can enjoy yourself and your surroundings. If you do find that you did not bring quite enough cash, transferring money from the US to Brazil is not that difficult. Consider looking through this advice before you travel so that you will be prepared if the need arises.

Skip the Car Rental

If you are the type of person that likes to drive everywhere on vacation, you will want to consider other options when you go to Brazil. Driving there is quite difficult. The traffic is horrendous and there are limited places to park. Also, remember the language barrier. Many of the signs are not in English, so you will have trouble following the rules of the road. Take the bus. It is an organized and efficient option in Brazil.

You will eat more than rice and beans

Brazil seems to have developed a stereotype that people only eat rice and beans. While you will find many dishes with those two staples, there is so much more to the cuisine to enjoy. The steak, for example, is among the best in the world. Brazilians love to barbecue, so you will notice many different dishes centering around that theme. Being so close to the ocean in places will also result in some of the best seafood that you have ever had as well.

Get ready to dance

Here is one stereotype that truly does fit. Brazilians love to party. Almost everything that they do revolves around some form of entertainment, and that includes dancing. You will notice that every occasion can turn into a dance. Be ready to join in with the festivities. You will want to practice your samba before you go. Do not worry about getting it right. There will plenty of locals ready to give you an on the spot lesson as you go. This is a great cultural experience that you will surely enjoy.

These five things will really help you to make the most of your upcoming trip to Brazil. This is an exciting destination with so much to do that you might have trouble deciding what activities to fill each day with. Just be prepared to go with the flow and to enjoy the rich culture that is all around you. That will make for a most memorable trip in the end.