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How next vacay can save you money on your upcoming vacation

How next vacay can save you money on your upcoming vacation

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When you’re experiencing wanderlust, the only way to scratch that itch and fulfill that desire is to head out on an exciting vacation. Where you go is up to you, whether you plan to explore Earth’s natural wonders or experience the vibe in a big city. However, the cost of travel tends to give pause to those who don’t want to spend a fortune. With Next Vacay, you get the best of both worlds — an exciting vacation at a great price. 

Flight Deals to Any Location 

No matter where you want to visit on your next trip, Next Vacay can make it easy to get a great price on the ticket to get there. This subscription-based service customizes your deals based on your location. The days of sifting through pages of flight deals from airports located across the world are gone, and you get only the deals that directly benefit you. Your personalized email alerts will show travel destinations located across the globe, giving you more opportunities to explore while sticking to your travel budget. 

You start by entering your home location, which will populate the nearest airport. Next Vacay’s system then begins searching for nearby airports to potentially include in your deal report. After all, if you can save on a flight simply by traveling to the next closest airport, it’s certainly worthwhile to consider nearby departure locations. Typically the search will include airports within about a four-hour drive of your nearest airport.

While many websites and resources offer flight deals and tips to hack prices, few provide the streamlined and simplified experience that Next Vacay delivers to its subscribers. You don’t have to comb through emails, sign up for multiple frequent flyer programs through various airlines, or stay up late to catch deals as they pop up. While airlines do offer competitive pricing on flights to a range of locations, the average traveler often won’t see those lower prices unless they know what to look for when searching. 

Next Vacay takes the guesswork out of scoring a great flight deal. You can compare costs from your location and make sure you’re booking at the best possible rate. Eliminate the idea of “travel hacking” from your vocabulary and let Next Vacay do all the work so you can get a great price without spending hours searching for information.

Robust Database

Now that you know what Next Vacay can do for you, you may be wondering how it works. After you enter your departure location, the system immediately begins scanning thousands of databases of flight prices. The vigorous system continues to scan those databases, as flight deals and alerts often pop up at all hours of the day and night. When the system locates a deal from your home airport, our deal team verifies it for accuracy. Upon completion of the verification process, you’ll receive an instant email with details about the deal.

Next Vacay was started by a husband-and-wife team, Naveen and Shaylee, that loves to travel. Naveen created software that would constantly search airline websites and deal sites, providing an alert when it found the best price to a particular location. Initially, the software was just for their use, although when they started to share it with friends and family, many wanted to keep using it to get great prices on their own travel. After continuing to develop the system, the two released it to the public as a subscription-based service. 

This robust system makes it easy to compare prices and get alerts as soon as airlines release ticket deals. You don’t have to spend the time it usually takes to find these low prices. Instead, Next Vacay’s system does the work for you and provides you with a link to book directly with the airline.

Direct Booking 

Another advantage of using Next Vacay over other travel sites is the direct booking with the airline. Next Vacay only provides information about deals — they don’t act as a third-party booking agent or middleman when you want to book your flight. Instead, you simply click the link provided in your email, which will take you to the verified flight deal. Snag your budget-friendly ticket and you’ll be ready to pack up and jet off. 

Booking directly with the airline also saves you the hassle of interfacing with someone who isn’t connected with the company. If your flight details change or you need to update your information, you’ll receive communication from the airline or you can contact them directly. You always know you’re in the loop when it comes to your flight.

Subscription Details 

When you sign up with Next Vacay, you get a free 30-day trial to see how the subscription works and what you’ll receive by way of flight deals. As soon as you enter your home airport, the system will start scanning databases and the team will start verifying the deals coming up from the airport you’ll travel out of on your trip. Next, you’ll begin receiving emails with links to take advantage of those deals. If you don’t see anything that fits your current travel desires, don’t worry, as you’ll receive another email when new deals pop up. 

After the 30-day trial, the cost to remain a Next Vacay subscriber is $25 per year. But even that comes with a risk-free guarantee since if you don’t see any deals you want to book in the first six months, you can get your $25 fee back. If you do stay on, continue to use the flight deals that arrive, customized just for you in your inbox. 

Traveling is easier and more affordable than ever for Next Vacay users. You can become one of those users by signing up for your free 30-day trial and taking advantage of all Next Vacay has to offer. Score amazing deals and unlimited flight notification alerts, giving you the chance to book your next vacation at a price that fits your budget. The possibilities are endless when it comes to visiting countries located all over the world, and Next Vacay puts nearly any travel destination within reach.