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Mountain Biking Hot Spots in Scotland

Mountain Biking Hot Spots in Scotland

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Those that love nothing more than getting on their mountain bike and exploring stunning terrain need look no further than Scotland. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty which also makes it a superb place for a mountain biking adventure and a great way to put your skills to the test. Here are a few of the hot spots around Scotland to check out.

Glentress Forest
Nestled deep within the breathtaking Tweed Valley is this mountain biking Mecca. Glentress Forest has a challenging uphill start, but after this, you are in for a real treat with an incredible downhill stretch filled with jumps and berms along with amazing views of the area. This is sure to get your blood pumping and it is certainly not a trail for the faint of heart.

Fort William
Found in the wild western Scottish Highlands is the popular town of Fort William which is known as the gateway to Ben Nevis – the highest peak in the UK. Unsurprisingly, this makes it an excellent place for mountain bike enthusiasts and the Nevis Range resort has hosted the Mountain Bike World Cup a staggering 11 times. This proves quick access to the highly popular cross-country Witches Trails where there are trails for all abilities.

Kiroughtree is a place with excellent trails for all abilities at the world-class mountain biking center 7Stanes (found throughout Scotland). Here there are award-winning trails which attract mountain bike enthusiasts from around the world and particularly for the extreme downhill sections that are sure to test the nerve of even the most experienced riders. In order to conquer these trails and develop your skills, you need to make sure that you have a bike that you can rely on, so make sure that you are confident on your wheels before setting off.

Comrie Croft
Comoro Croft is somewhat of a hidden gem in the mountain biking world found at the foot of a mountain in the Highlands. It features hand built trails that cover the hillside with a number of brilliant and challenging trails to tackle, plus the idyllic setting and comfortable accommodation ensure that this is a great place for a relaxed stay.

Found in the Scottish Highlands in Lochaber, this peaceful village is a popular spot with mountain bike enthusiasts thanks to the legendary Dude’s of Hazzard Enduro – rugged terrain high above Kinlochleven with craggy slopes that will require great skills and concentration to master. It is also part of the longest established trails in The Ciaran Path which tracks the river from Blackwater Dam into Kinlochleven.

Torridon in the Northwest Highlands does not feature handmade trails which gives it a wild, natural and rugged feel that any experienced mountain biker will appreciate. It is somewhat isolated which only adds to its charm and also ensures that you can enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding area while you ride.

Scotland is a superb place for a mountain biking holiday because of the wild, rugged and craggy landscape found in the Highlands. There are many fantastic places for an unforgettable mountain biking holiday and you will want to see as many of the above as possible during your trip.