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Date idea: Pop a bottle of champagne on a mountain peak

Date idea: Pop a bottle of champagne on a mountain peak

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The idea: organize a hiking trip and secretly thrust a bottle of champagne in your backpack. When you reach the summit, celebrate with your special one.

Going somewhere high feels like being a deity looking over their lands. For active people, it can also be a great idea for a romantic trip. It’s a simple but memorable idea. 

How to do it

First of all, if you have trouble finding your way, you don’t know the trails or are worried you might get lost, join your mountaineering friends or sign up for a tourist club. 

For a hike in the mountain you need several basic things – a comfortable backpack and hiking shoes, a windproof jacket, a raincoat, tourist utensils and cutlery (plate, mug, fork and Swiss army knife), a mat, a headlamp/flashlight, water (sometimes you cant get it on the route), light and high-energy foods (nuts, dried fruit), a first-aid kit.

For this date idea, you will need a bottle of champagne or your favorite wine as well. You can take two wine glasses in bubble wrap for extra glamour or just opt for the plastic ‘wine’ glasses. 

Celebrate reaching the top popping the bottle of champagne and share it with your loved one. This is an achievement worthy of a proper celebration!

Get inspired

Jack Kerouac said it best: Because in the end, you wont remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain”.