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Great Things To Do When Staying At Zimbali For A Vacation

Great Things To Do When Staying At Zimbali For A Vacation

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Zimbali is by far one of the most precious gems of South Africa. The entire estate is sitting right on the coast, giving its guests access to the scenery that is rarely found elsewhere around the world. If you’re interested in visiting Zimbali, here are some of the things you can expect to see. 

Heaven for Recreation

What Zimbali offers is a combination of beautiful outdoors and accommodating indoor facilities. When you visit this resort, you’ll have a choice of enjoying the natural wonders of this region, but also a range of recreational sports. 

Zimbali estate is home to some of the most advanced squash courts in SA, a great outdoor tennis facility, golf courses that gaze over the coast as well as numerous biking and hiking trails. If you’re an active person following a set fitness schedule, your Zimbali bookings will make you feel at home. Of course, you can always go for a swim in the ocean and enjoy the wide blue waters of KwaZulu-Natal’s beautiful coastline from up-close. 

Extreme Sports

Sometimes going for a hike simply doesn’t cut it. When it’s the adrenaline rush that you’re after, Zimbali has you covered. You can take your friends or loved ones for a quad bike ride around the beautiful coastline. Explore the awesome scenery of Zimbali and the surrounding area, all while having fun learning how to navigate terrain on a quad. This activity is available to groups both large and small, so it’s perfect for those larger family outings. 

If you’re more interested in exploring KwaZulu-Natal from the skies, there’s a micro gliding adventure available near the Zimbali estate. Soaring the skies in a glider is a great way to get that adrenaline rush going, but also witness the majestic scenery of the nearby rocky beaches and woods that overlook the ocean.


After a fun day of outdoor activities, you’ll probably want to come back to the resort and relax. Zimbali estate is home to incredible spa facilities staffed with experienced professionals who know how to pamper their clients. If that’s not your style, perhaps you’d have a better time enjoying a yoga class held by master yogis. Don’t worry, the classes are beginner-friendly and designed for those who haven’t yet dabbled in this healthy art, but are interested to try.


Once the night goes down, the entire Zimbali estate and the surrounding area start crawling with nightlife. There are bars, cafés, and restaurants offering different types of local and international cuisine. You can enjoy some fine dining, or a busy bar atmosphere and have a good time.

Zimbali Has It All

The beauty of Zimbali is in its natural wonders but also its ability to meet just about everyone’s expectations. The resort is outfitted with all kinds of attractions and facilities that will make your stay in this wonderful place a truly incredible experience. We urge you to visit Zimbali but check the surrounding area as it is teeming with interesting attractions and natural wonders.

Plan your excursion now 🙂