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Hiking in Bulgaria: see the view from Koncheto Ridge in Pirin Mountains

Hiking in Bulgaria: see the view from Koncheto Ridge in Pirin Mountains

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All who have seen the world from this magical place, who have felt how fragile and helpless they are before nature, they went back changed. Koncheto Ridge in Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria, is one of the most scenic mountain view your hiker’s soul can dream of. Here’s how to get there and what you should know about the hike.

Origin of the name

In Bulgarian, Koncheto means “the Little Horse”. According to a mountain story, the ridge was given this name because before the metal support rope was installed in 1963, inexperienced tourists crossed the ridge by straddling it like a horse and crawling. Is it really so scary? Take the appropriate equipment, some food and water and see for yourself.

Pirin Mountains, Koncheto Ridge | © Maria Angelova/

What you will see at Koncheto

Koncheto sits at an altitude of 2800 m in the Pirin Mountains and connects the peaks of Kutelo and Suhodol. On the very edge there is a metal rope to keep you safe. At its narrowest points, the ridge is only 40 cm wide, with steep rocks on both sides. It’s useful to know that the weather here changes quickly; often it is sunny on one side of Koncheto while the other is shrouded in fog.

Wild flowers in Pirin Mountains | © Maria Angelova/

From Vihren mountain hut to Koncheto

A good starting point to Koncheto is Vihren mountain hut, accessible by car on a paved road 12 km from Bansko. On the way to Koncheto you can climb Mt Vihren (the highest peak in Pirin, at 2914 m), or pass along the foot of the mountain and climb it on the way back. It will take you at least 4 hours from Vihren hut to Koncheto if you climb Vihren (8 hours for the whole day). The trail from Vihren hut through Mt Vihren to Koncheto is marked with red. If you decide not to climb Mt Vihren (just so you know, the view is worth it!), take the only fork in the trail to the right following the green signs to Koncheto. The climb is difficult along both trails and the change in altitude is significant (about 1,000 m)

This route starts from Vihren mountain hut, but you can also start from Yavorov hut (5 hours one way). 

Pirin Mountains, Koncheto Ridge | © Maria Angelova/

Useful information

In June and August hundreds of people pass along the ridge, so be careful and patient. Keep in mind that you are in the mountains – wear comfortable clothes and bring trekking poles. In windy weather, it’s good to have a seat to attach to the metal rope. Remember, the ridge is dangerous in wet weather! If you aren’t sure of your own strength and skills, hire a mountain guide. 

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