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Must see in Vietnam

Must see in Vietnam

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Vietnam boasts of some of the best tourist attractions associated with historical wars. If you are planning to travel from Da Lat to Ho Chi Minh Saigon, then you are out for the moment of your lifetime. Ho Chi Minh Saigon gives you a vivid picture of the 20th-century war and conquest. Besides, you will have plenty of other historical activities suitable for all ages. As you walk around the biggest city in Vietnam, the past comes to life before you. This article will discuss a few must-see sites in this fascinating Vietnam city.

Experience local cuisine at the Binh Tay Market

Binh Tay Market is the center of local Vietnamese lifestyle and Vietnamese-Chinese cuisine. The market occupies a two-story building along the famous Thap Moui Street. The French constructed this market in the 1880s. Here, you will get plenty of fresh fruits, poultry meat, seafood, and vegetables.

There is a courtyard at the center of the market. The yard has a stone altar build in memory of the Guangdong philanthropist, Quach Dam. The market is just 15 minutes motorcycle ride from Ho Chi Minh city. The best time to visit is in the morning hours.

Catch your breath at the War Remnants Museum

It was once known as the Museum of American War Crimes. It houses American military equipment such as tanks, a fighter plane, and an attack aircraft. The Americans used these weapons against the Vietnamese in the 1945-1975 war.

You will also find the tiger cages where the Vietnamese government kept its political prisoners. Besides, there is a guillotine that was used in the execution of war prisoners until 1960.

One of the awful sites to behold here are the photos of people who were exposed to strong pesticide spray. The museum can be a disturbing place to visit, and it is advisable that you shouldn’t take your kids there.

Crawl through the Cu Chi Tunnels

These tunnels offer a picture of the underground life of the Vietnamese soldiers in 1948. Some of the tunnels are as long as 120km. Inside them, there are trapdoors, kitchens, storage areas, and also living rooms. The other fantastic thing is that the tunnels also host hospitals, armory, and command centers.

Crawling through the 100 meters tunnel is such a fascinating adventure. For safety purposes, there is an exit every 10 meters.

Experience Religion at Cao Dai Temple

This temple has a major purpose of promoting tolerance among religions. Inside it, Caodaists have honored Muhammad, Jesus Christ, and the Lord Buddha, among other famous historical personalities.
The temple takes the design of a Christian church with festivals, rituals, and prayers offered regularly.

The highlight of a visit to the temple is watching Caodiasts pray. Their dress code is a great sight to beyond. The lay followers are adorned in long flowing white robes, the priest in yellow, blue, or red. On their part, the bishops’ headpieces are embroidered with the Divine Eye.

In conclusion, plan for your trip today from Da Lat to Ho Chi Minh Saigon and see for yourself all these plus other amazing sites. What are you waiting for? History made alive is beckoning!