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Portugal’s Best Coastal Towns: Exploring the Country’s Stunning Seaside

Portugal’s Best Coastal Towns: Exploring the Country’s Stunning Seaside

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Without a doubt, Portugal is every traveler’s dream. Big, beautiful cities, historical sites, and vast culture – it has it all. Of course, one of the most defining traits it has is the marvelous and rich seaside, molded into the perfect dream destination for everyone who loves warm sand, clear waters, and impeccable surroundings. 

If you are just starting to plan your Portuguese vacation, check out our suggestions for the best coastal towns here – it might spice up your itinerary. Keep on reading! 


A stunning landscape dominated by water, Aveiro is a picturesque holiday location equipped to cater to your every need. In no way can you miss it the next time you visit, so it might be good to know a bit more about it. 

Located only about 75 kilometers from Porto, the city is often considered the Portuguese version of Venice, with canals stretching all across, only a bit less lavish and more tourist-friendly. 

Aveiro is actually a super important trading center and seaport, but the industrial never really seeps through once you visit. You can never quite get a hold of that, so it is super easy to enjoy it as a simple, picturesque coastal town, perfect for relaxation and light exploration. 

The delicious cuisine, Spanish wine, and scenic surroundings are all very easily reachable. Just take the train from Lisbon to Porto, and from there, you have less than an hour’s drive. 


One of the prettiest towns in the country, Tavira is a dream come true, nestled between two foothills and adorned with natural Spanish terrain that includes the Algarve coastline. 

While the town is relatively popular among tourists, many tend to forget there is more to it than just a pretty facade. You can explore quite a lot, visiting places like the Principal Church, Tavira’s Castle, or the Roman Bridge. The perfect combo between a sweet seaside and historical elements makes Tavira one of the most exciting towns to visit in Portugal. 

Of course, if you are aiming for a relaxing holiday admiring the Algarve coastline, make sure you take plenty of walks on the riverside and find a beach to your liking. Tavira can be whatever you want it to be! 


Another popular name but very well-deserved, Lagos is a charming yet wealthy town known for its marine landscape and buzzing nightlife. Interested yet? 

Sitting at the mouth of the Bensafrim River and the Atlantic Ocean, Lagos ranks as one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Portugal. The majority of inhabitants work in agriculture and forestry, and the constant care is evident once you visit. The cityscape is nothing short of impeccable, so it feels like you are visiting a live-action postcard!

Due to its wide variety of tourist-friendly beaches, bars, restaurants, rock formations, and shops, Lagos is often overcrowded and constantly loud. However, not all coastal towns are serene and calm, so if you do not mind the movement, grab a ticket right now. 


Once again proving how Portugal is the perfect combination of old history and colorful maritime, Peniche is a must-see.

With a cityscape dating back to the 16th century and plenty of historical establishments to back it up, the town works for those who like to explore and have fun at the same time. There are numerous tours available for the history buff inside of you, exploring places like the Fortress of Peniche, the Bobbin Lace Museum, or a political prison. 

However, when the talking and listening get too much, find a beach closest to you and prepare for an afternoon soaking up the sun, soaking in the water, and maybe mix a cold beverage in between.


Last but not least, let’s explore one of Portugal’s best gems and exciting destinations – Cascais! 

The vibrant atmosphere is evident from the first step you take. Colorful buildings, laid-back people, loud vendors, and street music pulls you in and seduces you into not making you want to leave. 

In reality, though, Cascais is mostly suitable for a day trip if you like those. You can spend a good amount of morning exploring the historical side of the town, and once the dangerous sun settles a bit, moving forward to one of the beaches. 

However, if you want to spend more time here and really have the full version of a lavish Portuguese holiday, we suggest looking up Cascais’ resorts. There are several high-ranking, affordable, and very comfortable resorts, ensuring you have the best time here! 

Follow our suggestions and make plans for the best seaside holiday of your life! Do not forget your sunscreen and bathing suit – that is all you need, really. Jokes aside, make sure to have some sort of plan if you are going for a few days; if it is a day trip, let yourself get a little lost and let your heart guide you – these towns are easy to navigate. Good luck!