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Uncovering the Hidden Gems of Spain: Off the Beaten Path Destinations to Visit

Uncovering the Hidden Gems of Spain: Off the Beaten Path Destinations to Visit

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While big cities like Madrid, Barcelona, or Seville are time-checked and guaranteed for a good time on your Spanish vacation, we always encourage you to think outside of the box. There are numerous gorgeous sites, overlooked or forgotten locations, and less-visited landmarks that are just as impressive; you just have to know where to look! 

So, if you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and leave the most famous sightseeing to first-time visitors and crowds, check out our suggestions for the best off-beaten path destinations in Spain! 

La Glorieta Park, Valencia

To kick off your adventure, take the train from Madrid to Valencia and get ready for some unseen and unpopular yet impeccable sights! Today, we are in La Glorieta Park. 

An estate as lovely as its name, La Glorieta, originates back to 1812 when the city was under French rule. However else it may have impacted the Spanish cities, there would actually be no park if it were not for one particular French general. In the midst of chaos and occupation, he was an amateur botanist who thought it would be fun to do some gardening. 

Well, that amateur gardening soon became a whole park and one of the most charming places in Valencia. La Glorieta is located right at the beginning of the famous Colon Street, making it easily accessible and easy to find. You can even go all-in with the tours and get the most information about the park, its history, pioneer, and design! 

Rias Altas, Galicia

Perfect for those who love that idyllic Spanish beach but do not enjoy brushing shoulders while tanning, Rias Altas is one of the most iconic hidden gems in the country. 

With massive cliffs, vast beaches, and turquoise waters, the whole area of northern Galicia looks like a postcard, perfect for exploring, relaxing, and casually strolling. The entire region is much less urbanized and works perfectly if you want to see the untouched side of Spain, where the roots and culture have not yet been impacted by overflowing tourists and modernism. 

The ones that know it call Rias Altas the Spanish Fjord since there are plenty of stunning locations and wild, unusual saliences in the area. So, we suggest visiting Galicia if you want some quiet hiking time, a pinch of adventure, and calm, undisturbed beaches! 

The Town of Albarracin

Part of the autonomous community of Aragon, Albarracin is one of the most iconic yet overlooked destinations in Spain – one that we suggest you visit ASAP!

With a shockingly low population of 1075 inhabitants, you might think that Albarracin is a dead town – and you could not be further from the truth! Surrounded by stony hills and impressive Spanish natural terrain, the village is very picturesque and one that hits right in the middle of the target when you imagine small Spanish towns. 

There are only a handful of things to do here, Albarracin Cathedral and the city square included, but if you are up for a day trip, this is the place to be. The city walls and charming narrow streets paint an iconic picture, relieving you from tourist crowds, noise, and the modernized part of Spain. 


Probably a bit more well-known than the other locations on our list, Cartagena still deserves more recognition and love. Will you deliver? 

This gem in south-eastern Iberia dates back to the Roman Empire times, and not only as an unimportant site but as a thriving and charming city. Naturally, there are numerous corners of the cityscape suggesting its old age, but the traces left by the Roman Empire only adds to Cartagena’s charm and historical value. 

Once, it was quite a significant town to the Spanish Navy and maritime communications through the Mediterranean, but after forgetting its port, people forgot Cartagena in general. So, prepare for some long walks along the magnificent harbor, blending in with the artistic side of the city and historical establishments, and let’s renew Cartagena’s importance once again! 

Sierras Subbeticas National Park

How can a national park be off the beaten path, you ask? Well, overlook it often enough, and it becomes a rare pearl in the sea of diamonds. Now, let’s see what we know. 

Located in the heart of Andalucia, Sierras Subbeticas is one of the wildest and most beautiful natural terrains here, organized in a way that allows you effortless exploration and plenty of sights. With a wide variety of rare plants and natural designs, the park is one of the loveliest yet underappreciated places you should visit, also knowing that its limited visitation will make it cheaper and easier to access. Speaking of, the park sits between the three cities of Cordoba, Seville, and Granada, so it is quite perfect, location-wise. 

Be ready for some bird watching, as well. With over 70 different bird species and rare sightings like the Griffon Vultures, Sierras Subbaticas is one of the most extraordinary places if you love birds! 

Discover this totally unseen Spain and be one of the first ones to set an example! Whether you visit giants like the ones we mentioned at the beginning, or outcasts, like the ones on our list, Spain remains just as wonderful and worthy of your time. However, we still suggest dwelling deeper into the unknown. Have an adventure, right? Adios, and best of luck!