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Second Honeymoon: 8 Amazing Destinations Couples Should Consider

Second Honeymoon: 8 Amazing Destinations Couples Should Consider

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Planning for a perfect second honeymoon? Surprise your partner by taking them to any of the beautiful second honeymoon destinations.

Couples should never stop dating or having alone time away from the kids after getting married. And if possible, every couple should renew their vows at some point and it’s only befitting to go for a second honeymoon at the same time. 

While it’s advisable to go for a second honeymoon before the arrival of babies, don’t let babies stop you from taking a romantic trip with your partner for a day or two to reconnect.

Some get a second chance at marriage after divorce or the demise of a partner. They will also need a perfect destination for their second honeymoon. So whether you are renewing your vows or have a second chance at love, this article provides you with eight romantic destinations for a second honeymoon.

8 Places You Can Go for a Second Honeymoon With Your Partner

Have you remarried or renewed your vows and are looking for a perfect second honeymoon destination? Below are eight destinations that will ensure you enjoy your honeymoon and create a deeper bond with your partner.

  1. Maldives

The Maldives is a quintessential destination for honeymooners, and it is arguably the most beautiful place in the world, with houses suspended in water. It is the ultimate destination for every beach-loving couple looking for luxury accommodation and top services.

The country is characterized by beautiful beaches and hotels on private islands, offering couples privacy during their honeymoon. And their properties are eco-friendly to conserve marine wildlife.

And the best part is most of the hotels have villas with private swimming pools, and the best feature is their hospitality, where you are assigned personal butlers and concierge services.

If you want to enjoy lower prices, you can book your honeymoon during the rainy season, May through September. And not only will you spend quality time with your partner indoors, but you can also visit Hanifaru Bay to see Manta rays or go fishing. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, and boating during summer.

  1. Florida

While on a honeymoon, you might like to spend your time in a warm and sunny location next to the beach. 

Florida is an excellent destination for couples on their second honeymoon, as there are plenty of hotels and resorts to relax, romance, and go on adventures.

If you are going on a honeymoon in Florida, there are lots of things to do on vacation, especially for couples visiting Destin. If you are both fans of outdoor activities, you can engage in go-karting, bungee jumping, scuba diving, parasailing or paragliding, and ziplining.

  1. Hawaii

If you are in the mood for sandy beaches, then Hawaii is a top destination for honeymooners. The island is adorned with exotic waters, active volcanoes, lush green forests, and many romantic activities to keep you both engaged and help you renew your connection.

If you are both fans of outdoor activities, you can wake up early and hike up to the summit of Mount Haleakala to watch one of the most magical sunrises in your life. You can take a picture while holding hands to capture this moment. 

If you just want to relax and have quality time together, you can pack a picnic basket and have a romantic picnic on one of the island’s beautiful beaches.

It won’t be a honeymoon if you don’t take a sunset cruise or charter a sailboat, which guarantees you privacy and alone time. Pack some wine and cheese to enjoy as you take in the beautiful scenery as the rays reflect on the turquoise waters. This creates a perfect moment for sharing a kiss.

Other activities include taking a tour of the botanical gardens, chartering a helicopter ride, stargazing, booking a couples massage, and attending the Luau dance.

  1. England

If you want to live like royals during your second honeymoon, why not book a trip to England? You can choose to honeymoon in the countryside in the Cotswolds, where you can stay in Boutique hotels, cottages, or manor houses.

On the days you don’t want to stay indoors, you can explore the chic villages. Other activities to indulge in include hiking, biking, packing a picnic lunch, sitting in the countryside, and enjoying the fresh air and the sound of birds chirping.

  1. Bali

If you want to experience the Hindu culture, enjoy beaches, and have fun during your honeymoon, book a trip to Bali, and you’ll be assured of a magical experience. The country has breathtaking weather and is a great place to find spiritual clarity.

The best part about vacationing in Bali is having lots of activities with your partner. These include visiting the beaches, exploring the jungles, white water rafting, hiking, visiting the villages, and bargaining at the market for trinkets to take back home. 

The best time to holiday in Bali is between April and September, with May, June, and July being the hottest months.

  • Bali’s most popular honeymoon spots include Ubud, deep in the jungle. Suppose you are looking to be spiritually grounded. In that case, this is your ideal destination as it’s home to healers and sacred temples. It’s also the epicenter of Bali’s spiritual aspect and offers many activities, including encouraging soul searching and spiritual practice.
  • Jimbaran Bay is also a popular honeymoon destination for watersport lovers, as you can go paddle boarding, surfing, and even kayaking.
  • Seminyak gives off romantic vibes and is loaded with gorgeous villas designed with tourism in mind. It’s regarded as the party hub of the island as it’s visited by young people and backpackers. It’s budget-friendly and near the airport.
  • If you have a considerable budget, vacation like the rich do and go to the most upscale part of Bali, Nusa Dua. It has the most breathtaking hotels and resorts and golden beaches that seem to tease honeymooners. The only downside is that there is not much to do outside the resorts except explore the nearby village, shop, and visit the shrine.
  1. Turkey

If you want a dreamy second honeymoon, the kind you see in the movies or read about in the novel, visit Turkey. It’s primarily for people who are fascinated with architecture as you will marvel at the beautiful buildings. And don’t forget the country’s natural beauty and extraordinary cultural experience!

You can spend a few nights in Istanbul and enjoy the vibrant nightlife and delicious food. During the day, book the Bosphorus cruise and explore the whole city. Visit the various mosques and charming villages nearby, such as the Bebek and Ortakoy, and don’t leave without indulging in a Turkish bath.

Next, visit the land of the golden sands, Antalya, adorned with beautiful beaches and historic ruins, and learn about their culture.

You can finish your honeymoon in Cappadocia. The town is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, as it has picturesque valleys and unique rock formations. In this town, you can experience staying in a hotel created out of rock carvings and exploring underground cities, such as Kaymakli and Derinkuyu.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Cappadocia without going for a hot air balloon ride where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the town. You can also take a hike of the three magnificent valleys of Love, Pigeon, and Rose.

  1. Greece

Greece is a perfect destination for couples going for their first or second honeymoon or just an ordinary vacation. It has plenty of islands that give off a romantic vibe with amazing beaches, yummy cuisines, and culture-rich views. You can book to stay on various islands throughout your stay to experience all Greece has to offer. Some of the best Islands for honeymooners include:

  • Santorini

It is the most popular spot in Greece, adorned with row upon row of white houses and beautiful flowers. You can spend your time lounging by the pool or exploring the local wineries, archaeological sites, or boat cruises during the sunset.

  • Mykonos

If you are both party people, Mykonos is your ultimate destination as it’s one of the leading party hubs in the country. Mykonos is characterized by white beaches and plenty of nightclubs.

  • Paros

It is the perfect destination if you are both seeking some downtime. Paros is not as popular as the other islands as it has a rustic and chilled vibe. You can visit Paro’s park, go on exclusive boat tours, go stargazing, explore the nearby villages, visit a marble workshop to create your own souvenirs, swim at the beach, snorkel, or learn to kitesurf.

  1. Italy

Italy is a great honeymoon destination, and the best part is its railways which allow access to different cities. If you want to vacation during a period when there are not many tourists, book your holiday in September as the weather is nice and you can swim in cool waters. The rates are also favorable during this period.

If you want a seaside vacation, you can choose to stay on the Amalfi Coast, adorned with picturesque Cliffside towns, beaches, wineries, and hiking trails. Or stay at Lake Como where many of the rich and famous reside and enjoy the opulence. To vacation here, you must have a reasonable budget as it’s not cheap. You can enjoy hiking, chartering private boat trips, or exploring the botanical garden.

Other top destinations in Italy for honeymooners include Milan and Florence.

Final Thoughts

A honeymoon is essential for every married couple as it gives them the opportunity to spend time together and connect on a deeper level away from their responsibilities. So if you’ve remarried or renewed your vows and are looking for a perfect second honeymoon destination to surprise your partner with, the beautiful honeymoon destinations you just learned about are the ones that should be at the top of your shortlist.