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Most Beautiful Fields of Lavender in France

Most Beautiful Fields of Lavender in France

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France has the most beautiful lavender fields in the world. Many of these fields are located in Valensole, but the flowers also bloom in other parts of the country. Read on for more about the most beautiful fields of lavender in France.

Lavender is used in medicines, food recipes, and beauty products worldwide. However, these unique flowers are grown in large fields far from where most final consumers reside. If you are interested in the origin of the lavender essential oil you love, read this guide to learn more about the lavender fields in France. You can visit many of these fields during the blooming period to admire the beautiful flowers before harvest. 

Plateau de Valensole

An escorted tour of France helps you curate the best places to visit to enjoy the local culture and attractions. However, the historic architecture, world-class museums, and yummy cuisines are not the only attractions in France. Join a tour package to Provence to see the stunning fields of lavender during their blooming period.

When you get to Provence, start your adventure from Plateau de Valensole, the area with the best concentration of stunning lavender fields. This area is between the valley of Durance and the Gorges of Verdon. There, you can go from one lavender field to the other, reveling in the beautiful sights of the purple flowers.

In Plateau de Valensole, you can see the two different types of lavender flowers grown in the area. The first is fine lavender, which is unique to the area, while the second is lavandin. Fine lavender is rarer than lavandin because it does not exist in other parts of the world except Provence.

Also called true lavender, you will find rows and rows of fine lavender in large fields within the area. They are always the last to bloom, usually in the last week of June. However, the first week of July is the best time to visit as you can see the lavender in full bloom before the holiday visitors descend on the fields with their cameras.

Lavandin is more popular and often grown in other parts of the world. However, these hybrid lavender flowers are still primarily grown in France before the essential oils are exported to other parts of the world. While cruising through the fields, ensure you do not pluck the flowers. You should only walk between the rows.

Pays de Sault

Another popular area for those looking to take stunning pictures of lavender fields is Sault. The road leading to the village offers a panoramic view of the lavender fields. The fields are more concentrated than in Valensole, so that you can go from one to another by foot or bike. Again, it is better to get a tour map from the local tourist office to guide you through your excursion.

Many people from across the world go to Sault to have photoshoots using the lavender fields as backgrounds. The pictures include the stunning village behind the fields in the frame, ensuring a stunning result. The hills that border the village on one side and the forest on the other end up adding unique touches to the captured scenes.

Like the lavender fields in Valensole, the ones here are often interspersed with olive trees and stone houses. Asides from providing shade during sunny days, the green and grey colors contrast nicely against the vibrant purple of the lavender flowers.

Viewing the lavender fields in Sault is straightforward, as you can follow the “lavender path” on the walking tour map. This path will take you through most of the lavender fields in the area, with only a few located in other parts of the village.


Luberon is another area with a lot of lavender fields in Provence. However, exploring it is different from the experience in Valensole and Sault. Unlike the other two places, the lavender fields here are not concentrated in geography. Instead, they spread across the entire town. The benefit of this is that you can tour the whole town as you discover the lavender fields.

While you’re in Luberon, don’t get so consumed by the thoughts of the lavender fields that you forget to appreciate other beautiful sights around you. The entire town looks like something out of a storybook. However, the lush foliage and cobbled lanes leading to the hilltop villages are more stunning than anything you have ever read. You’ll always find something pretty to see wherever you turn in Luberon.

Other Lavender Fields in France

The three lavender hotspots always steal the attention of tourists. However, there are some less-visited lavender fields you can explore in Aix-en-Provence and Avignon. The former is close to all three regions, while the latter is closer to Sault and Luberon.

When viewing the lavender fields in France, you’ll almost forget that the flowers serve a purpose other than being beautiful. However, the fields are the source of livelihood for the farmers, so ensure you adhere to etiquette while you’re there. Also, some farmers fence their lavender fields. So you should respect their wishes and stay away from them.