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Explore these national parks around the world from home

Explore these national parks around the world from home

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What is the plan for today? Yellowstone? Grand Canyon? Or maybe the climbing of Australia’s highest peak? A “walk” by the ocean in Australia? In recent years everybody has the opportunity to travel virtually around the wider world without leaving home. You can walk virtually not only in some of the world’s most famous museums and galleries but also in nature.  National parks in several countries are partnering with Google to offer armchair walks. All you need is a device with an internet connection. And if you insist to have a more realistic environment, put on your hiking boots and throw your backpack. Or just drink your coffee in your favourite jar.

National parks in the USA

Most of the US National Parks do not need to be introduced, but there are some that you are yet to discover. See the page for all virtual walks around US National Parks here. Some of our favourites are:

Mount Rushmore is the park that houses the famous rock with the carved faces of US presidents. Get there by clicking here.

Yellowstone National Park-read more about the park and then walk around it here.

 Grand Canyon – the creepy and majestic Grand Canyon is also yours for virtual walks here.

Yosemite National Park – Once a naturalist, John Moore said that no temple created with hands can be compared to the Yosemites. Make sure of this fact by walking the park.

National parks in Canada 

On the National Parks Site of Canada, you can see a complete list of all the parks captured by Google Street View cameras. Here are some of our favourite walks:

Lake Louis at Banff National Park – see it from a bird’s eye view and take a stroll here.

 Quttinirpaaq National Park – Canada’s second-largest national park welcomes you with breathtaking views. Take a walk around the park here

Kluane National Park – A lake, an islet and coniferous forests – what else do you need? Take a walk here.

National parks in Australia

Visit the National Parks page of Australia and follow the links for a Google Street View walk through some of the continent’s most visited eco trails and natural sites. Here are some of our favourites:

Kosciuszko Peak (2,228m) It is an interesting fact that Australia’s highest peak bears a strange Polish name (Australians pronounce it Kozioskou). The reason for this is the fact that the first European to climb it is a to whom, according to the rumour, the shape of the top reminded the shape of the tomb of Polish national hero Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Take a virtual walk around here.

Jervis Bay National Park-If you feel like walking in the cool woods off the coast, see here.

The trail from Pretty Beach to the Gulf of Snakes – a boardwalk trail winds amidst low vegetation along the coast of Muramarang National Park. Take a walk here.

Crowdy Gap campground- Do you miss the carefree days of the tent? Take a virtual stroll at Crowdy Gap Campground in Crowd Bay National Park here.

The Blue Mountains National Park-This is one of Australia’s most beloved national parks, the Blue Mountains, is located only an hour and a half from Sydney, and although not made up of mountains in the true sense of the word, the views in it are breathtaking. Take a look here.

Border Rangers National Park – another platform view, see it here.

Authors: Maria Angelova and Borislav Georgiev