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Wonders of Canada. Top 10 Secret Places

Wonders of Canada. Top 10 Secret Places

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Canada is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world and appeals to many travelers regardless of their choice and manner of travel. Whether you are going solo, having a couple’s retreat, or a group/family vacation, there are plenty of great things to do here. 

However, we suggest skipping some of the most popular sites and heading to see something more exciting, even if underrated. So, welcome to the top 10 secret wonders of Canada. Let’s start planning! 

Kensington Market, Toronto

While Toronto is a great city of opportunities and entertainment, finding something off-beaten-path can be a bit difficult. That is why you need to know about the gorgeous Kensington Market! 

Creating a serene oasis of restaurants, shops, and cafes, Kensington Market is one of the most bohemia-looking spaces in Toronto, yet it is usually a bit overlooked. A real shame since it can lead to some great finds and a wonderful afternoon. 

Look for handmade trinkets, vintage items, the best pastry, and much more! 

Notre Dame de Bon Secours Chapel, Montreal

Continue with your search for wonders and board the high speed train from Toronto to Montreal

A chapel of a beautiful name and rich historical background, Notre Dame de Bon Secours is not as famous as other ones here in Montreal, but its design and stunning architecture can capture one’s eye just like any other! 

The 18th-century church is quite mystical and exciting, but you have to check it yourself! You can find it off the path of the Old Port and, if anything, ask for directions to the Sailor’s Church, as this is what Notre Dame de Bon Secours is often called! 

Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

Obviously, Canada is a great treasure for all nature lovers, and visiting British Columbia is one of the best ways to see its beauty and mightiness. 

The perfect hidden gem for all adventure seekers and die-hard nature lovers is Haida Gwaii, an impressive archipelago of rugged and remote wilderness. You can hike, explore, sail, fish, bike, kayak, and even surf! 

With these endless choices, Haida Gwaii, previously known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, is a must-see and should end up on your itinerary straight away! 

Parkland Region, Manitoba

Every country as wealthy as Canada has a province that could be a mini version of the whole thing. Equally as entertaining, equally as historically rich, and equally as natural. Manitoba has all of those, and it is one of the best ways for you to get your fill! 

Parkland Region is one of the lesser-known regions in Manitoba, located between the Lakes Manitoba and Winnipegosis. Here you can enjoy your classic Canadian wilderness, such as endless rivers, woodlands, and smaller lakes! Also, you could see the highest mountain peak in the city, and a good mountain is always exciting. 

Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

You might think that you know all of the best museums in Canada, but, in reality, cities like Alberta have several hidden wonders that await your time and attention! Let’s visit Dinosaur Provincial Park. 

This fun and impressive land is the perfect museum-type destination since it is interesting and appeals to any age! Children will find plenty of exciting, interactive stuff to do here, and adults will be able to learn all about the fossils of the mightiest animals on earth! 

Manitoulin Island, Ontario

Located in Lake Huron, Manitoulin Island is the biggest freshwater island in the world and one of the most peculiar, impressive things to see in natural Ontario. 

With a quick journey from the city’s center, admire and explore the greenery and lakes of Manitoulin Island. And not just Lake Huron! The island is exceptionally unique, what with it having a smaller island in lakes that are inside of Manitoulin. Exciting, huh? 

Visit Ontario for Mother Nature’s craziest creations!

Thunder Cove, Prince Edward Island

Considered a part of the most surreal places in Canada, Thunder Cove on Prince Edward Island is one of the most blood-pumping and fun things to do here. 

Basically, you can hike or bike all the way to the most exciting rock formations, red-sand beaches, and, most importantly, sea caves! Admittedly, there is a considerable distance to walk to Thunder Cove from anywhere else, but you can easily do it with some stamina and a final goal in mind! 

Vulcan, Alberta

Possibly the most fitting for a day trip, Vulcan is a small town in Alberta and has a very specific vibe around it! 

Designed to commemorate Canadian actors of the great franchise of Star Wars, Vulcan has Trekkie written all over it! Starting with theme restaurants, a Star Wars museum, an information center, and even spaceship-shaped establishments, the town is one of the lesser-known gems of Canada that deserve more recognition! 

Burk’s Falls, Ontario

If you crave complete serenity and apparent distance from tourists, noise, and city crowds, Burk’s Falls in Ontario is the place to see! 

This charming riverside village is a little oasis on Canadian grounds, surrounded by Almaguin Highlands and some of the most characteristic street designs. There are plenty of spaces to see, but you should just go for a stroll anywhere you’d like and just explore what interests you on the way. 

There are usually no tourists and heavy traffic, so keep calm and enjoy! 

Sucrerie de la Montagne, Quebec

One of Canada’s signature marks and best-produced goods, is the sweet and zesty Maple Syrup. In Sucrerie de la Montagne, Quebec, you can find the authentic sugar powerhouse, taking you back in time and introducing the art of Maple Syrup! 

The whole establishment is quite interactive, so not only will you learn of its basis, preparation, and development, but you will also get free candy, wagon rides, feasts, and lectures. Why not enjoy vintage surroundings and the smell of caramelized sugar? 

There you go! Ten great places to see and explore to get to know Canada. Enjoy your new adventures, and keep on thinking outside of the box while traveling. Good luck!