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15 fun ways to be a lawbreaker around the world

15 fun ways to be a lawbreaker around the world

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If you are one of those people who feel personally challenged by any and all rules or laws, we have great news for you.

Travelling around the world can present excellent opportunities for breaking the law. Even seemingly insignificant, innocent actions can get you in jail, or at least cost you a heavy fine.

How to do it?

1. Step on a banknote in Thailand.

2. In Singapore, try buying chewing gum without a prescription. Or spitting on the street – you will get arrested.

3. In Britain, hand out salmon in suspicious circumstances. This law itself is pretty suspicious.

4. Wear false teeth, without your husband’s permission, if you are in Vermont, USA.

5. In Pennsylvania, USA, you should tie a string to a one-dollar bill and place it on the pavement. As someone attempts to pick up the banknote you should tuck on the string.

6. Collect rainwater in Colorado, USA.

7. Keep an ice cream cone in your pocket, if you are in Kentucky, USA.

8. In Missouri, USA, drive around with a bear that has not been caged.

9. Die on the premises of the Parliament building, if you are in London.

10. In Samoa, forget your husband’s birthday.

11. In Torino, Italy, walk your dog less than three times a day.

12. In Honolulu, Hawaii, sing at the top of your lungs after sunset.

13. In Australia, name an animal that you plan to eat later.

14. If you have the black plague, hail a taxi in London.

15. In Victoria, Australia, change a lightbulb without being certified to do so.