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33 simple reasons to love camping

33 simple reasons to love camping

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Whether it is metres away from the sea waves or under the deep forest shades of the mountain, camping is one of the summer pastimes that you can’t wait for since April. And there are at least 33 reasons for that.

1. You change the asphalt under your feet with grass, hot sand or water.

2. You can walk around barefoot.

3. Sleeping in a tent restarts your biological clock.

4. Fresh air helps you sleep better.

5. Nobody cares whether your shirt is ironed.

6. Hours and time lose any relevance.

7. You can catch and gather your own food.

8. The food tastes better!

9. You can cool your beer in a stream.

10. Time passes differently when you’re camping. You can be gone for a year and find everything the way it was when you left.

11. It’s funny how real rest involves switching the place you sleep – especially for what seems at first a less comfortable one.

12. People are different around campfire.

13. You are free to take your pet with you.

14. You can be as spontaneous as you like.

15. The freedom to mix your own cocktails. Sometimes, from whatever is left.

16. You have a huge choice of places to pitch your tent.

17. And if you don’t like the place, you can leave in a flash.

18. The view when you get out of the tent in the morning.

19. Camping doesn’t take a lot of resources.

20. Great new friendships are started while camping.

21. And the old ones are strengthened.

22. The hammocks!

23. The campfire.

24. The fact that the sea (or the lake, or the forest) is a few steps away.

25. Lying in the grass.

26. You can leave the mountain, but the mountain never leaves you.

27. At some point your phone’s battery dies and then you realize you can do without it.

28. The feeling that you can do absolutely anything.

29. Or absolutely nothing.

30. Even if you’re with a big group, you can still find a secluded spot just for you.

31. You can travel with just a tent on your back for the whole summer.

32. Your ceiling is a sky with a million stars.

33. The legendary stories that you’ll tell for years to come.