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4 good reasons to (Re)visit Romania once traveling will be possible again

4 good reasons to (Re)visit Romania once traveling will be possible again

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We live in uncertain times where the only trip you can plan is to the nearest supermarket for your groceries and cleaning supplies. However, there is no reason to lose your interest in travel once this will be possible again.

To keep you sane and help you cope with solitude, home lockdown, and quarantine restrictions, you should never stop dreaming. Dream of the first day it will be safe to be on the streets again, about your next walk in the park, about the first warm afternoon spent at the beach with your family or about your future trip abroad. 

And, if you haven’t visited Romania yet, here are the top reasons you should put this destination on your bucket list. 

Amazing food

Benefitting from Slavic, Mediterranean, and Balkan influences, the Romanian cuisine is as exquisite and comforting as it gets. Each person who has traveled here before will tell you that traditional cuisine is one of the main reasons why they would come back, especially if they’re foodies. 

From traditional cabbage meat rolls to dozens of varieties of polenta and hundreds of comfort foods that evoke old recipes from hundreds of years ago, you’ll be expecting a culinary feast. The best part is that most locals are more than pleased to welcome travelers from abroad and teach them all about their traditional cuisine. 

A unique mix of history and legends

You don’t have to be a history enthusiast to know about Romania’s most famous and cruel Medieval ruler, Vlad the Impaler. His legends were the ones that inspired Bram Stoker’s novel, “Dracula”, and led the path to a new sci-fi genre for movies and books. 

If you’re a fan of werewolves, mystic rituals, unexplainable phenomena, and bloody vampires, Romania is the perfect place to plan your future trip. Take a trip down the memory lane with the famous Dracula’s castle in the heart of Transylvania and learn more about the urban legends and myths from historians. 

The Eastern European country boasts millennia of history and is home to some of the most popular legends about supernatural creatures populating the ancient virgin forests. Ghosts, spirits, genii, and vampires – all have roots in the popular horror stories transmitted from generation to generation by mouth by the locals of Romania. 

Long-forgotten holiday traditions

If you plan on visiting the country anywhere around Easter, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve, you can find affordable and authentic accommodation in some of Romania’s most picturesque regions – Bukovina or Transylvania.

The best thing about Romania is that each region has a wide array of customs and traditions and locals are more than willing to share them with foreigners. Prepare for a trip that will bring you back to the origins and will teach you all about the simple way of peasants from centuries ago. 

From sleighing with horses in beautiful villages or near some of the most breath-taking castles to tasting local foods and spirits, Romania is the heaven for those who are looking to unwind from technology and spend a few days enjoying the raw nature. 

Home of some of the coolest music festivals

Although music festivals weren’t a thing in Romania until 2010, the industry has now become one of the most profitable in the country. Going to Romania during the summer break means a unique blend of acres of wild beaches in natural reservations and lavishing private parties at some of the most luxurious beach clubs in the world. 

People from all over the world have heard about the beauty of the Romanian women and the locals’ unrested spirits for non-stop partying so, if partying is what you’re looking for, prepare your wallet. 

Head to the most popular beach resort in Romania, Mamaia, or wait until August to go to Cluj Napoca’s epic Untold festival where DJs, musicians, and bands from across the world are going to light up the atmosphere for an entire week. 

However, don’t forget to bring some water camping containers with you as music festivals don’t come cheap and you’ll need all the resources to stay hydrated under the burning August sun. 

And don’t forget to be inspired by the amazing landscapes, too.