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Make The Most Of Your Time In Hawaii With These 7 Clever Tips

Make The Most Of Your Time In Hawaii With These 7 Clever Tips

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Millions of travelers visit Hawaii every year to spend their vacation on its sandy beaches and beautiful waterfall. Hawaii is considered a vacation destination that has it all, whether you’re going to be chilling on the beach and taking hikes or trying new food and socializing with local people. However, your first-time visit can be a bit overwhelming. Particularly, if you don’t plan your trip the right way or take any advice from seasonal travelers who learned from their mistakes the first few times they have been to this bewildering destination. To maximize your relaxation and enjoyment on your trip, you need to start with some expert tips. Here are 7 clever tips that will help you make the most out of your stay in Hawaii.

Find Deals on Vacation Rentals in Advance

The best thing you can do before traveling anywhere is researching the destination and making sure you book the perfect accommodation that can deliver all your needs during your stay. Start your travel plans by researching reputable vacation rentals that you can book ahead of your trip. Most travelers do that. The internet is a great source of all the helpful information you’re going to need in order to find the cheapest and best place to stay. 

Prepare for Jet lag

Most travelers are aware of how much they’re going to lose track of their sleeping pattern before visiting certain vacations, but your first day can be very exciting and you forget to get some rest from your long trip. If you’re planning to visit Hawaii, you’re going to need to prepare for some serious jet lag and this is why you need to avoid any planned activities on your first day. Instead, you can try relaxing on the sunny beach under the tropical trees to ease off the process of resetting your body’s clock.

Try the Local Food 

This is one of the best tips you’re going to get before visiting Hawaii, although most people are more excited about trying the local food than any other activities on the big island. Anyone who’s been to Hawaii will tell you to try its special local poke which is made of chopped-up seafood, such as tuna, and is marinated with sauces, spices, and vegetables. It’s guaranteed that it’ll be the freshest poke you’ll ever taste as they usually catch the fish the same morning they make poke and serve it.

Stay on One Island 

Today’s airfare prices require that you decide on which island you’re going to be heading to before booking your trip. There are lots to do on the Big Island in particular, as compared to the other islands in Hawaii. For example, you can go to the east side and explore the beautiful nature of the tropical jungle and you will find some of the tallest mountains there too. The point is that there are so many activities to do on just one island that you’ll barely have the time in your vacation to explore the whole place. 

Don’t Start With Going to a Luau 

Most Hawaii visitors make this mistake and forget about how long a Luau lasts and how much jet lag they’re going to be facing on their first day. The best way to enjoy your first Luau is by scheduling it for the end of your trip. This way you’ll have time to recover from the time change and avoid spending a big chunk of your money on Luau tickets at the beginning of your trip before trying all other activities.

Bring Reef-Safe Sunscreen 

The islands of Hawaii are known for their beautiful coral reef and colorful fish. You need to make sure you’re using reef-safe sunscreen before scuba diving or snorkeling in the pure blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Most sunscreen products contain Oxybenzone which bleaches the colors of the beautiful coral reef and may even cause it to lose its dye altogether.

Check the Weather Before Hiking

Make sure to check if your hike goes through a floodplain or a river before you take a hike in Hawaii, even if you know it’s not going to rain. If any unexpected weather conditions take place, the water levels can rise quickly and overflow the area you’re hiking in. Hawaii has a beautiful nature but it can be hazardous for new visitors at times, so it’s better to be cautious.

If you’re planning to spend your vacation on the sandy beaches of Hawaii, you need to prepare well in order to make the most of your stay. Look up your accommodation in advance and make sure you check the weather conditions before planning for any activities that involve being out in the beautiful nature of the island.