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5 Best Road Trip Routes for Students Living and Studying in the US

5 Best Road Trip Routes for Students Living and Studying in the US

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Road trips are a perfect mix of scenic views, adventurous excursions, and a heartfelt journey, where you make short stops and hit the road whenever you wish to. So, when you think of spending your breaks doing something exciting, nothing beats the idea of setting off on a road trip. 

As a student, you may have a limited budget and a number of free days. But you can customize your trip and still have the time of your lifetime. 

Choose from these five best road trip routes to plan your next holiday getaway and discover gems in the country of ultimate geographic diversity. If you are loaded with assignments, you can hire professional paper writers from a reliable essay writing service and enjoy your trip without worrying about homework deadlines. 

5 Most Picturesque and Affordable Destinations for a Road Trip in the US

Route 66

There is no way you have not heard of Route 66. This cult-favorite highway is stretched from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California, and has been historically popular. The best thing is you can start from wherever you are or whatever closest location you can reach on this highway and begin your trip. 

This 2000+ miles long trail takes you on a tour of many sites, such as The Painted Desert, The Gateway Arch, Meramec Caverns, and Mojave National Preserve. You can camp, hike, and enjoy roadside eateries for a marvelous traveling experience. Don’t forget to check out discount codes for stays just like you check the essay writing services review platform for a DoMyEssay promo code before hiring a paper writer. 

Highway 7, Arkansas

A scenic drive through forests, rivers, and hot springs, Arkansas’ longest highway is a popular riding treasure. This approximate 297 miles long highway runs through the entire state, covering Ozark and Ouachita mountain ranges, Arkansas River Valley, and pine woodlands. 

This route is tour-worthy during all seasons, but its beauty is unmatched in spring and winter. You can rent a bike or a car to set out on this spectacular journey. You don’t even need many days to cover this trip and can travel slowly and steadily, enjoying all the breathtaking halts along the way. 

You can plan short stays in small towns in the region, drive through magnificent rivers and mountain ranges, and enjoy water sports in hot springs.

Pacific Coast Highway, CA

A drive along the ocean with roads running from beautifully wild forests and towns is what you are on for this road trip. You should start from San Francisco and head south to stay on the ocean-side lane. This two-lane route takes you to well-preserved historical monuments, art museums, and the great redwood forests of California. 

Set aside around 3-4 days to cover this road trip to thoroughly enjoy breathtaking seashores and scenic views. You can camp in redwood forests, enjoy drive-through trees in Avenue of the Giants, drive on trees, and even try a unique living experience in houses carved out of trees. Nature’s majesty in this stretch is remarkable and will leave you reflecting on the greatness of its creation.

Southwest National Parks

National parks are the ultimate tourist attractions, and rightfully so. The southwest region of the US is home to five national parks called “The Big Five.” These five famous parks are: 

  • Bryce Canyon National Park;
  • Canyonlands National Park;
  • Arches National Park;
  • Zion National Park;
  • Capitol Reef National Park.

You can dedicate 5-8 days to this scenic road trip. You also have some very cool hiking destinations on this route where you can take the explorer inside you out. The national parks have all sorts of geographical marvels, including valleys, mountains, and canyons. 

The Minnesota North Shore Drive

Black sand beaches have been trending on social media for a while now. One of the stops on this route is a black sand beach and a granite cliff dropping down into a lake. If you are looking for fresh air and a breakaway from a mundane lifestyle, The Minnesota North Shore Drive will take you on a panoramic view of seashores, lakes, waterfalls, cliffs, and hillside forests. 

This stretch is spread all the way from Duluth, Minnesota, to Ontario, Canada. However, you can end your trip at Grand Marais, MN.


It is important to consider your budget, check out itineraries, and talk to a few regulars before finalizing your road trip plan if you are going for the first time. Remember, you can gather memories and experiences on a small budget too. Check out the above-mentioned road trip routes with your friends in the coming holidays.