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5 Things to See in Budapest on a Student Budget

5 Things to See in Budapest on a Student Budget

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Traveling is a fascinating experience for people of all ages. Nevertheless, young people, especially students, are more eager to discover new places and cultures. They see traveling as an opportunity to broaden their horizons, learn new things, and gain valuable life experiences that will shape their future.

Although traveling requires certain expenses, students can still enjoy it without breaking the bank. Today, we want to show it using the capital of Hungary. From the neo-Gothic parliament building to Gellért Hill, Budapest offers many budget-friendly attractions for students. 

In this article, you’ll learn about five must-see tourist spots in Budapest that will suit a student’s budget. We promise that they will leave you with unforgettable memories and a deeper appreciation for Hungary’s rich history and culture. You can use this experience to write an essay and earn extra points at college. Read on to find out more!

Top 5 budget-friendly Budapest attractions for students

  1. Hungarian Parliament Building

The Hungarian Parliament is one of the oldest legislative buildings in Europe. It is built in a neo-Gothic style and located on the bank of the Danube River in Budapest. Since 1902, the parliament has served as the seat of Hungary’s National Parliament. Today, it is considered one of the most iconic buildings in Budapest. This popular tourist attraction is known for its stunning architecture and historical significance.

You can explore the beautiful exterior of the Hungarian Parliament building for free. You can also see its exteriors by booking a guided tour online. A ticket for EU students will cost about 4 euros, while a ticket for non-EU students will cost approximately 9 euros.

  1. Danube River

The Danube River in Budapest is a must-see for every tourist. The river is not only a beautiful sight but also offers various activities, such as river cruises, water sports, and cycling along its banks. Additionally, the iconic Chain Bridge and Parliament building can be seen from the river, making it a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts. Budapest river cruise tickets start at 9 euros.

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  1. Gellért Hill

If you are looking for the best panoramic views of Budapest, you should definitely visit Gellért Hill. This 235-meter-high hill is home to the famous Citadella, a fortress built in the 19th century. From there, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Danube River and the entire city. The hill is named after Hungary’s first missionary, Saint Gellért. He was thrown to his death from this cliff by pagans. Today, a statue of Saint Gellért stands at the top of the hill, overlooking the city of Budapest.

  1. Hungarian State Opera House

The Hungarian State Opera House is a stunning example of neo-Renaissance architecture, located in the heart of Budapest. It was opened in 1884 and has since become one of the most prestigious opera houses in the world. All thanks to its remarkable acoustics and performances. This citadel of opera and ballet has recently been revived. 

Visitors have the opportunity to see how the magnificent interior was restored to its former beauty. A 60-minute guided tour of the revived Opera House will cost you around 14 euros in the Hungarian language. A tour in English costs around 19 euros. You can also request other languages, including Spanish, Russian, German, and French.

  1. Great Market Hall

The Great Market Hall, or Central Market Hall, is a famous indoor market in Budapest. It was built in the late 19th century and is a popular tourist destination for its variety of food, souvenirs, and local products. 

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Here, you can enjoy the building’s impressive architecture. It has a neo-Gothic entry gate, a striking roof with colorful tile, and a large variety of stalls on three floors. Alternatively, you can try different foods at the market. Be sure to come hungry and ready to explore the many Hungarian dishes. These include traditional goulash, chimney cake, and lángos.

Bottom line

Being one of the most attractive capitals in the world, Budapest is famous for its stunning architecture, rich history, and vibrant cultural life. While the city offers plenty of expensive experiences for visitors, you can find budget-friendly things to do in Budapest. We hope our little guide will help you discover some of the best affordable tourist options.