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8 thoughtful gifts for friends going traveling

8 thoughtful gifts for friends going traveling

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When one of your friends heads on a long journey, you don’t want to put any additional weight on their delicate spine, so if you want to give them a farewell gift, you’d better keep it light and fun-size. Here’s a list of thoughtful gifts ideas for people heading on long trips, inspired by long-term travelers.

#1 Portable folding hammock

Every lover of the great outdoors will appreciate this gift (if they don’t already have one). Portable hammocks are ultra-light and can be hung up almost anywhere. For extra comfort, choose one with a mosquito net.

#2 Ebook reader loaded with adventure travel books

You can load thousands of books onto an ebook reader and it will still only weigh as much as your cell phone. Their ultra-durable batteries can last for months, making them perfect for long trips. Here are a few suggestions of our favorite travel books.

#3 Portable battery charger

These come in various sizes and capacities, and are always useful on long-distance buses or journeys into the wild.

#4 Compact travel card games like Uno or Cards Against Humanity

These are popular in hostels all over the world and help break the ice with new people. Besides, they don’t take up too much space and can be left somewhere on the road if necessary.

#5 Portable speaker

Most portable speakers these days are really light and compact. If your friend is the life of the party, this little gadget will add plenty to the atmosphere of their trip.

#6 A set of postcards to give to people on the road…

When traveling, you often meet incredible people or want to say a kind ‘thank you’ with something more lasting than a beer. This is when postcards from your home country come in handy. As your friend probably has thousands other problems to consider, it is you who should remind them how valuable postcards can be.

#7 …and your address to remind your friend to send you postcards

Ahh, the old-school joy of receiving paper postcards in your real-life mailbox! Travelers should keep the fire of their hometown relations alive, and this is a good way to remind them of what’s waiting for them back home.

#8 Travel diary

A small, light notebook can save your life. Cell phone batteries sometimes die, and you need a back-up plan for that moment when you have to remember something without emailing it to yourself. Creative souls, of course, will make even greater use of this diary by filling it with sketches and poetic thoughts.

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