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10 road trip car games for adults (+ karaoke playlist)

10 road trip car games for adults (+ karaoke playlist)

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There’s no more enjoyable picture: a car full of friends, long drives and epic, scenic roads. The only thing missing is a fun game to draw you and your friends even closer together and create funny moments you’ll laugh at years from now. We’re here to fill that gap with 10 suggestions that add something more memorable to your road trip. Plus, we’ve created a playlist to sing along to in the car. Enjoy!

#1 While you were sleeping

There is always that one friend who falls asleep while traveling. Just wait for that moment, then create a fun (and absurd, but still believable) story with the friends who are still awake. When Captain Sleepyhead wakes up, start telling your ridiculous story and take turns adding details. Don’t tell the disoriented dozer the truth until you get to your destination.

#2 Fortunately/ Unfortunately

Among your friends there will always be those who see the glass half full and others who see it half empty. This game is the ultimate fight between optimists and pessimists. The rules are simple: one person starts by saying “Fortunately” and stating something fortunate, the next person continues the story by saying “Unfortunately” and adding something unfortunate. If you fail to come up with anything you get a strike. When you reach three strikes, you are out of the game. The last one standing wins, and it’s up to you to choose their prize.

#3 Sorry I was late

This is a lot like the good old ‘Guess the movie’ game. One person says “Sorry I was late”, and their excuse is actually the description of a movie. All the other passengers have to guess which movie it is: “Sorry I was late, I had to find and kill a crazy clown who was terrorizing my city.”

We all have that one friend who always falls asleep in the car. Who is yours? – Tamara Menzi/ Unsplash

#4 Fictional families

Take a good look at a car driving alongside yours. Then, along with your friends, create a back story about all the people who were in the car, how they bought the car, where are they going and why. Sometimes your imagination can create a story good enough to make a movie about.

#5 Blanks in a story

Before embarking on your journey, write or find a story, then replace some of the words with a blank line and print it. Ask other people to give you a random word to fill in the blanks, and tell them whether it needs to be a noun, a verb, a name or an adverb. Like in the previous game, this is a great way to get some unique stories that you’ll want to share later.

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#6 Guess the accent

For this one you’ll have to team up with a travel partner. A person from the other team challenges you to imitate an accent and gives you a sentence to say in that accent. Your teammate has to guess what accent you’re speaking with.

#7 Name that tune

This is another guessing game that never fails to add some fun to the drive. This time you have to guess the name of the song a friend is humming. You can choose a certain genre or a specific artist. Take some ideas from the playlist below.

Big Sur, California, one of the most scenic roads in the world, and a perfect place for roadtripping – adrian/Unsplash

#8 20 questions

This is a game for the impatient people among us. One person thinks of a certain thing – it can be literally anything – then the others can ask up to 20 ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to guess what that person is thinking of. If you want to make the game harder, you can reduce the number of questions.

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#9 Rhyming game

With this game, you can discover your hidden talent as a poet or rapper. The rules couldn’t be simpler: one person starts with a phrase, and the next player has to say something that rhymes with it. If you want to make the game harder for your friends, don’t say words that end with ‘-ation’. Try ‘husband’ or ‘orange’ instead.

#10 Karaoke

Remember That ’70s Show and how the characters were jamming to the music in the car and having the time of their lives? That theme song – which hits the perfect note between inspiring and nostalgic – is the first in our playlist, followed by another 19 songs. The playlist ranges from rock to R’n’B, and includes past hits and present-day sensations that most people know and can sing along to.

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