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How to Travel on a Budget If You Are a Student

How to Travel on a Budget If You Are a Student

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Traveling on a college budget will let you see the minimum of other countries. Other cultures’ peculiarities will remain a mystery for students on a strict budget. Moreover, how to travel in college when you have piles of assignments? So, yeah, if you are wondering how to travel as a college student, forget this idea and get back to tedious paper writing.

Now, forget the impudence you have just read. As a student, you have all means to plan a trip that you will cherish in memory years after! Furthermore, every person has an opportunity to travel on a budget, so why would you neglect this chance?

Glittering lights of NYC, the grandeur of the shopping streets in Los Angeles, omnifarious aesthetics of Detroit! Maybe even the misty mountains of Norway and the grim beauty of Czech? That and many more views can become your bright memories of your young years. Thus, here is how to travel as a student with a minimal budget yet maximum delight!

Gaining and Saving Tips

1. First and foremost, save for travel in advance

The first tip that a budget college student might take for slight. Sure, it is challenging to put $10 in a piggy bank per day. Contrastingly, saving bit by bit is possible even when your pockets are almost empty. Every time you have spare change, put it away and forget about its existence. Those $2 you got as change after buying a burger are now inapplicable for anything but your future trip.

At the outset, those savings will be, putting it lightly, minimalistic. Well, after a month, the situation might still be dire. Thus, start filling your piggy bank up at least three months before you depart.

2. Try finding a side job but do not get exhausted withal

Time management is a ticklish topic for students who have papers to submit. Furthermore, extra lectures, gym, hobbies, and hangouts take time away minute by minute. Of course, you should not ignore your prioritized interests!

Gladly, the era of the Internet has granted us all an opportunity to work online. Text translations and typing, SMM, account managing, and chat operating are some job options. They are not effortless, but work of this kind will not turn you into a puddle.

If your side job makes you ignore college stuff, do not cry over overdue essays. In the direst circumstances, you can ask professionals of Paper Writing Services for assistance. All services cost money, but some platforms will not hurt your savings. For instance, choosing something like CheapPaperWriting equals gaining more than losing. And in parallel, your college affairs stay safe. Also, there are zero reasons to worry about the originality of papers by custom writers. They know how to summarize an article without plagiarizing, and they know how to create a unique piece of content for you.

3. Try attaining remarkable grades to get a scholarship (or get it for another reason)

It might be even more challenging than finding a job. Still, scholarships can become your key to luxurious traveling to some extent. As it happens, not all scholarships demand stellar performance! That depends on your college, so try finding out how to get extra aid for students on a budget.

Now, Cheap Road Trip Ideas for College Students!

1. Head off in shoulder traveling season

Summertime is the best, and college student travel season is on! Well, the previous statement has nothing to do with objective reality. The summer season is the densest one in terms of traveling. Accordingly, prices for tickets and hotels hop up to Mars, sometimes even to Jupiter. Thus, June–August is not the period for traveling on a college budget.

By the way, the low traveling season is not the choice either. Wintertime and early spring are notorious for annoying and even troublesome weather. Spoilage of mood here is not the worst thing that can occur. Safety issues, especially during driving on icy and muddy roads, are more significant. Also, packing 20 or more lb. of clothing will sometimes cost you additional money for transferring. And carrying a solid weight on your shoulders will not contribute to comfort.

Your choice is the shoulder season, that is fall or later spring. That time might not coincide with college students’ vacation periods. Still, your trip can be two-three days long. So, you will be back in time! In shoulder traveling season the weather should be adequate. Besides, you will have an opportunity to carry a minimum of clothes, which is a plus to convenience and saving.

2. Monitor discounts on transport for students

Traveling on a college budget can take you far away if you are attentive to discounts on flights! Railway stations have systematic discounts for students too. Thus, long-distance college traveling can become your reality.

Some tickets are cheap as they are. If you multiply this lucky chance by using your student privilege, the flight will cost you a shabby dime.

3. Cheap destinations have enthralling sights too!

Affordable trips can be the choice for students or budget and those who travel after college with no money. Do not suppose that you will go to a forgotten village with one old chapel to see! Some cheap destinations have the potential to take your breath away. For instance:

The Grand Canyon

This masterpiece of nature and the most remarkable object of geological history is a budget option! Sure, cheap student traveling means that you will not buy a helicopter flight. Yet, seeing the splendor is breathtaking from the ground too.

Do not neglect a popular option even if you think that seeing a pic of it on the Internet will suffice. The perception of images and actual sights have drastic differences. Furthermore, on the Internet, you will not sense the immensity of the canyon.

Glacier National Park

Yet again, the gem of nature that you can touch while traveling on a college budget. Sharp-toothed mountains, sunshine twinkling on the mirror of pure water, the freshness of the forest! It is all yours if you save for travel during studying.

St. Augustine

Founded in 1565 by conquistadors, the city still breathes with historical ambiance and aesthetics. There you have an opportunity to see ornamental touches of Italian culture! Also, it is your chance to contemplate various architectural styles of churches and castles. If you adore the aura of the Middle Ages, St. Augustine can show you decuman bastions!

Town of Nags Head

A small town with cute beach houses hides many secrets you can unravel during college traveling. The landmarks are not as grand as the Eiffel Tower, yet they have the charm. Moreover, the Atlantic beach will reveal its mightiness to you!

Williamsburg in NYC or Little Berlin

This neighborhood can fascinate you with contemporary art objects next to buildings with a long history. Maybe, chaotic diversity of architecture is what you would like to see when traveling on a college budget?

4. Give preference to public transport

The luxury of car rentals is not for a cheap trip for college students. Taxis are far from being friendly for budget college students too. Yet, subways and buses can show you the overall image of your destination for a minimal price!

Sure, sometimes walking makes you skip on sights. If you are afraid of missing your stop and want to rent a vehicle, you can do it. The cheapest option will be a bicycle then! It is good for your health and it will help you reach places you prioritize.

5. See if there are actual college students’ trips offers

Cheap student traveling can be an interest of many students! If you do not know any offers, ask your college union for information. Unions systematically organize events, and an affordable trip might be another top project. This option will have a unique vibe and grant you an opportunity to make friends!

6. Take delicious travel snacks and ignore fancy cafes (especially in an airport)

Save money for local specialties by taking standard snacks you love! Cookies and prepared sandwiches will do when you are waiting for your arrival on a bus or a plane. Also, do not forget a bottle of water. Hydration is significant, and transport stations know it. So, they make plain water cost like full meals.

7. Take necessities only

Packing lightly is not only convenient, but it is also your key to budget travel in college. Leave your entire bathroom at home or the dorm as a toothbrush, paste, and one hand cream will suffice. No matter how many clothes you have, pack them in thin layers to have extra room for food and potential souvenirs. Also, do not neglect your purse/wallet! You will not make use of old receipts and trash during a walk in a new city.

Also, packing half of your shoe rack is superfluous. One extra pair of shoes might come in handy if you know that the weather might deteriorate. If there is an opportunity, take one pair and a pack of wet napkins. If your shoes get messy, you can cosmetically clean them and enjoy your trip further!

8. Take your friends and rent an entire hostel room

Hotels can be affordable, but hostels will be cheaper. By the way, renting a hostel room does not mean staying in the outskirts. Many hostels can be one mile from the city center or right in the heart of your destination!

9. Cook simple yet nutritious meals in the hostel kitchen

A fancy restaurant might be your option for future traveling adventures. If you travel as a college student, then you can enjoy the markets of other cities and then make your dinners! Yet note that touristy locations can damage your budget. Some markets are sights themselves, so prices there are acutely higher.

10. Maybe visit a friend?

The Internet might have connected you to a special person who you see as your close friend. Or perhaps you have an old friend who has moved but you still cherish your mutual stories? Try asking that person if they can let you stay with them for a couple of days! They also might become your tourist guide. In any event, you will have a great time together and enjoy a new place in parallel.

11. Avoid hiring tourist guides, by the way

Sightseeing might be entertaining or monotonous: you can never guess. One repetitious 3-hour sightseeing with an unprofessional guide has the potential to ruin your mood. Even so, you can rely on the Internet! Wikipedia is not the top echelon of veracity, but it has essential information about all objects. Also, you will decide your route independently which will save you eons of time for other attractions.

12. Your student ID will help you save yet again!

Transport is not the only thing that can grant you a discount because you are in the process of studying. Hostels, palaces, museums, and some attractions can be cheaper for traveling college students. Check about discounts for students on the Internet in advance, and you are good to go.

Before You Start Planning Your Best College Travel

The world is open to you, but contemplating the beauty of its corners requires effort. So, start saving for your trip early and take any chance to make money. If after your trip you have some spare cash, save it too for the next trip! Who knows what adventures await you later?

However, you can always book a room in a good hotel with all the extras that, for example, some hotels in Golden Sands, Silota or wherever you want on this world.

You can find hotels with their own aquapark, restaurants, swimming pools. This is cool.