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18 things every traveler should try at least once

18 things every traveler should try at least once

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What makes a trip truly special? What makes a traveler ‘seasoned’? Check this list for inspirational ideas!

#1 Ditch your camera at least for a day of your trip. It’s been proven that taking too many photos impairs your ability to remember details of the trip later. But how many is too many? Read here.

#2 Get a local guide. Locals know the secrets.

#3 Don’t stop traveling even if you have just a few dollars left. There are so many travel options when you’re broke. Here’s our list of places to go if you have no money.

#4 Enjoy an unplanned detour.

#5 Send a paper postcard home. Very few things are as exciting as spending two weeks checking your mailbox every day (the real one, not your email) for that card you are expecting from Sri Lanka.

#6 Accept an invitation you would normally decline. 

#7 Travel solo at least once a year to recharge your inner peace.

#8 Learn how to skip the lines at the most visited attractions. Here’s how to beat the crowds in Paris and at Angkor Wat.

#9 Sleep in the car.

#10 Learn to enjoy rainy days and make the most of them. If you can’t keep still, but the weather outside is frightful, here’s a list of 20 fun things to do on a rainy day.

#11 Read a book about the place you visit and then follow the steps of the main characters. Here’s a list of books to read before you visit London.

#12 Get out of your comfort zone.

#13 Forget about Facebook when you’re abroad. A week without Facebook has been proven to make you happier.

#14 Organize a surprise trip for someone you love.

#15 Use all the available free resources to organize your trip.

#16 Sleep in the wild on a weekday. Here’s how last summer I slept in a hammock in the forest on weekdays while still continuing to go to work. 

#17 Break the law but make it fun. Here are 15 unusual ways to be a lawbreaker around the world.

#18 Dine alone. It’s not such a big deal. Treating yourself to a nice meal in a nice place alone is about as good for your wellbeing as doing the same with the company of friends. Plus, it allows you to observe and romanticize the atmosphere around you, making you feel like you’re in a movie – and who doesn’t like to feel like that?