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Perfect less-visited travel destinations in the US that will inspire you

Perfect less-visited travel destinations in the US that will inspire you

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When we think of travel destinations in the United States, we usually think of well-known places like Washington DC, Miami and Los Angeles. But some of the best places to visit USA are not well-known to most backpackers. 

So, if you want to find the best place to visit in USA, you have to think of the places that are not frequently visited by tourists. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the most amazing offbeat travel destinations in the USA. 

California, Los Angeles – California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)

CalArts located 30 miles north of Los Angeles. The institute covers 60 acres on hills and incorporates city of Santa Clarita. To the north, the Tehachapi Mountains surround the Santa Clarita Valley. To the east lie San Gabriels. From the campus, you can see all these places. 

The valley has long been known for its cattle ranching and agriculture. However, in the past few decades, the metropolitan area of Los Angeles has expanded to the north. There are new residential communities, thanks to the ongoing development. 

There is a strong reason why writers and journalists flock to this institute. This well-rounded school is famous for teaching the art of writing. CalArts can help you even if you are not an enrolled student there. As a writer, here, you will find people who think the way you think. 

If you want to write a travel blog or essay, CalArts can give you lots of resources. Here you can even talk to the students and teachers and get some insights. Writing is one of the most effective ways to delve deep into something. It can make you a better observer and thinker. With that said, many students these days, even students who study at CalArts, use Edu Birdie and other writing services to get their papers written. A student with a part-time job may use a writing service and get an essay written by a professional writer. 

There is no doubt that CalArts is an unconventional travel destination, but your tour to this institute can be highly rewarding. You will enjoy it.  

What to do at CalArts

  • Visit the beautiful campus
  • Visit the Writing centre
  • Gather materials for your essay or blog post
CalArts, Photo: CalArts

Denver, Colorado

If you are looking for a summer holiday decoration, look no further than Denver, Colorado. It is among the most popular tourist destination s in the USA. Also known as the Mile City, the altitude of Denver is roughly one mile from the sea level.

Denver is also reputed for fantastic breweries and cocktails. Founded in 1858, Denver was initially a gold mining town. Many buildings here date back to the 1800s. If you want to write an essay focusing on the history of Denver, you should seriously consider visiting the place before you start writing. 

And if writing is a hard part for you, you can hire a writer who can write an essay for you. To make sure the essay has some personal touch, provide the writer with some information and ask him to use the information and your personal experience in the essay. 

What to do in Denver, Colorado

  • Enjoy the beauty of Larmier Square
  • Visit Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Go to Denver Art Museum
Denver, Photo: Larry Johnson

Charleston, South Carolina

The idyllic setting of Charleston, South Carolina is a perfect place for some relaxation. The place is known for its cobblestone streets, giant oak trees, and antebellum architecture. This is a port city known for its southern hospitality. 

The port city is historically significant and has an amazing food scene. Every single restaurant here is fantastic. You can also check out the local breweries. In Charleston, you can enjoy food, music and shopping. There are some sandy beaches. Charleston harbour has some Instagram-worthy views. 

What to do in Charleston: 

  • Visit an antebellum home
  • Visit Joe Riley Waterfront Park
  • Go to Sullivan’s Island Beach
  • Explore Fort Sumter

Sedona, Arizona

This desert city is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the United States. This place is known for its spectacular views and New Age Vibe. The city has many things that can attract you. There are in total of 23 art galleries in Sedona. The food scene is also amazing. 

To see the real beauty of Sedona, you have to get outdoors. At night, you will enjoy stargazing, thanks to the little light pollution. Here you can also enjoy rafting, biking and of course hiking. You will also like the air balloon experiences. And all these experiences can be used as materials for your writing. However, if you are super busy, you can hire a professional writer and get an essay written for you. Now let’s see what else you can do in Sedona. 

What to do in Sedona

  • Enjoy flying in an air balloon
  • Visit the art galleries
  • Pay a visit to the Verde Valley Wine Trail
  • Explore Devil’s Bridge Trail
Sedona, Photo: Dr. Igor Smolyar

Asheville, North Carolina

This is another great travel destination in the USA. Asheville is one of the places that will never exhaust you. This is essentially a vibrant mountain town, and the place has a somewhat bohemian spirit. 

Asheville has a culture of health and well-being. The city houses numerous spas and relaxation centres. If you are looking for a place to restore your health, Asheville is one of the best places to visit. Asheville is also known for its breweries.  Every 50,000 people, there are 17 breweries in this city. 

What to do in Asheville

  • Pay a visit to Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Hike the Appalachian trail
  • Visit a local farmer’s market
  • Go to a spa or wellness centre

New Orleans, Louisiana

Even if you make a shortlist of offbeat travel destinations in the USA, include New Orleans in your list. There are so many places to visit in New Orleans. You will not be able to visit all the places even if you spend a couple of months in New Orleans. 

The city has a long history and a distinct culture. It is also known for its music, food and nature. It was founded in 1718, and the United States acquired it in 1803. You can still see the Spanish and French influences in the architecture of the city. 

What to do in New Orleans

  • Visit the Frenchmen Street and Bourbon Street
  • Lurk at Café du Monde
  • Enjoy the French vibe at the French Market
  • Go to the National WWII Museum

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is another less visited travel destination in the United States. The city is primarily known for its iconic Gateway Arch. But there are many more things to enjoy here, and they include food and music. Here you will enjoy great seafood dishes and delicious barbecue. 

If you are a budget traveler wishing to write a travel article, St. Louis is really a great destination for you. There is a 19th-century brewery in the city, and that is a notable place as well. The St. Louis Zoo is also a great place to visit. Visit all these places and write about your experience. If you want, get in touch with a writing service, hire a writer and say: write my essay. It all depends on you. 

Other things to do in St. Louis

  • Explore industrial artefacts at City Museum
  • Eat barbecue in the Soulard District
  • Go to the National Park
Photo: IIP Photo Archive
St. Louis, Photo: IIP Photo Archive


To get the best out of your tours, you have to visit places that are not visited by regular backpackers. The less traveled places discussed in this post are notable for numerous reasons. By visiting these places, you can get some invaluable insights and lots of materials for your writing.