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7 amazing university campuses you need to visit

7 amazing university campuses you need to visit

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A university campus is a special place. Here, studies are taking place, scientific, intellectual life and research work are in full swing, advanced discoveries are being introduced into everyday practice. Labs, libraries, lectures, ace classes, gatherings with renowned researchers, government officials, and journalists – all the best and most applicable is accessible to an understudy of a college from the very first day of his/her life on campus. In any case, the grounds of numerous colleges are excellent and very close to the masterpiece of art. Not having the option to tell you about all the magnificent campuses in a single article, we chose to pick the 7 generally delightful as far as design, common environment, nature, and architecture.

1. Delft University of Technology, Holland

The main building of Delft University of Technology, in a traditional style after the fire in 2008, has been thoroughly and rather creatively redesigned for students. Prior to that, the Office of Architecture was located here. The most prominent on campus is the library building. This extraordinary modern structure is sloped and pierced by a 42-meter cone. Designed by the renowned architectural bureau Mecanoo. Studying on such a campus is a pure pleasure, aesthetic pleasure, however, the requirements for students at the university are quite high. So if you find yourself experiencing difficulties, do not be afraid to seek help from an essay writing site WriteMyEssayOnline.

2. Elon University, Elon, NC

The woodland area of ​​Elon University was declared a botanical garden in 2005. Arranged in the core of North Carolina, this grounds offers uncommon training as well as known for being the scene of a few world-famous movies. Elon has likewise been named the most lovely grounds in the nation on a few events. So, you definitely have to visit it and see all the incredible features of this campus.

3. University of Virginia (Charlottesville, Virginia).

Probably, many people think that dozens of other American campuses are somewhat similar. However, the bottom line is that it was the University of Virginia that first created a campus of such a layout: pavilions framed by a green lawn, connected to each other by colonnades, logically enclosing the central building of the campus – a huge library.

4. Pepperdine University, Malibu

Who doesn’t fantasy about visiting Malibu, seeing the lavish estates of Hollywood stars, and getting a charge out of the staggering Pacific scenes to their fullest? Pepperdine University understudies have this chance! The instructive grounds are situated at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains close to the coast. lts tremendous grounds incorporate three theaters, a workmanship exhibition, a tennis park, a baseball arena, a few fields for different group games (football, basketball, baseball, big tennis, etc.), and an advanced wellness room. 

5. University of Santo Tomas (Manila, Philippines)

The university, located in the heart of the Philippine capital, is considered the oldest operating educational institution in all of Asia. The main campus was built by Spanish missionaries at the Intramuros fortress before Manila came along. It was originally a Catholic college, which was promoted to university in 1645.

6. Oxford University, UK

Within the stone walls of Oxford, people began to study in the 11th century, since then it has become one of the most popular student clusters and an exemplary campus. It consists of a maze of courtyards, covered arcades, and arches so that an architectural wonderland opens up to a passer-by at any turn. Hogwarts, if anyone else knows, was filmed here. The famous Radcliffe Chamber, built in 1737, now serves as a quiet reading room and is considered one of the most luxurious libraries in the world.

7. University of Bologna, Italy

The University of Bologna was founded in 1088 and is considered the oldest in the world. Among the university buildings, Palazzo Poggi is one of the main palaces in Bologna. Today, it houses three museums of the University of Bologna, as well as a number of exhibitions with exhibits on the history of natural sciences, anatomy, obstetrics, physics, and chemistry. In addition, a botanical garden with an area of ​​2 hectares is located on the territory of the educational institution.

Summing up

Among the many gray and inconspicuous buildings of colleges and universities in the world, there are buildings that can rightfully be attributed to the masterpieces of world architecture. Indeed, sometimes educational institutions are located in former hotels, palaces, and even medieval castles. However, this is not all. Many campuses are so harmonious that they cause a true aesthetic pleasure from an acquaintance with their cultural and spiritual values. They are exquisite in terms of design, architecture, and surrounding landscapes, as well as interesting for their history. You should definitely visit at least some of them or maybe stay there to study.