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Five destinations for the tech-savvy nomad

Five destinations for the tech-savvy nomad

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Before 2020 only select lucky workers were able to work remotely from anywhere in the world. The digital nomad lifestyle was a distant dream for scores of professionals. But now things have changed. Businesses, especially those in the tech industry, have found mutual value in working remotely, and it has become a real possibility for many. But some are taking it further. They’re not just settling for home working in their slippers. No – they’re planning to become digital nomads, travelling the world as they work. So, where are the best destinations for digital nomads?

#1: Silicon Valley

The most notorious place for tech workers is undoubtedly Silicon Valley, the home of many of the globe’s most prominent businesses, including Apple. This is a premium destination for tech workers who want to live around like-minded people. However, it is also one of the most expensive places to live in California. If you’re heading here, make sure you have a big budget for accommodation.

#2: Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is a vibrant city in Vietnam and is renowned for freelancers flying in and out to mix work with pleasure. There is an entrepreneurial spirit in Ho Chi Minh, and you can easily walk into a coffee shop to find programmers debating the future of coding or digital marketers learning about share trading.

The city typically attracts tech workers and has a huge expat community of people working for European, American and Asian companies. Low levels of crime and exceptionally affordable living expenses make this a dream destination for remote workers who also want to save.

#3: Zurich

Switzerland is fast becoming a tech hub of Europe. The country, and specifically Zurich, attracts the biggest companies for political and tax reasons, creating a vast community of entrepreneurs and tech-savvy professionals. The country has a high standard across the board, from accommodation to healthcare and infrastructure. And the vast majority of people speak English fluently, so you’ll settle in easily!

#4: Stockholm

The capital of Sweden offers some of the highest quality of life you can find anywhere in the world. Stockholm dwellers tend to be happier than most other people, and it shows within their culture. The city is renowned for tech companies often nicknamed the Silicon Valley of Scandinavia. Google, Microsoft and Spotify have offices in Stockholm. But just like the real Silicon Valley, it isn’t the cheapest place for digital nomads who want to save while they travel.

#5: Bali

The Indonesian volcanic island of Bali is another haven for digital nomads looking for a long-term base. If you want to surf in the morning and code in the evening, there might not be a better spot on the planet. Tech workers flock to the island every year to spend several months working in picturesque surroundings. And if you weren’t already sold, it is one of the cheapest places to rent and live.