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Free language learning websites that actually work

Free language learning websites that actually work

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We challenge you: Learn and use at least a few words in a foreing language and do it for free

What we most enjoy about the times we live in, are the endless opportunities for free education.

If you are one of those people, who are interested in foreign languages, and do not need a teacher’s constant mentoring, or if you want to practice a language you already know, in order not to forget it, we’ve prepared a list of handy language learning websites, which you can use completely free of charge.

It might be best to try a few and figure out for yourself which one you like best.


With this website, you’d be learning a new language through one you already know. Some of the options include perfecting your writing and comprehension skills, as well as verbal training. Besides, you can hear how the words are pronounced, and translate actual articles from the internet. The website is constantly getting better, and is one of the most useful tools for online language learning. The only downside is that right now there isn’t a huge abundance of languages to choose from, but their numbers are constantly growing.


This website features the basic grammatical rules for hundreds of languages. You can’t count solely on this tool to learn a language, but the introductory articles, for each of the languages, are very helpful. This is also a great place to learn how to pronounce all the letters of the alphabet, in different languages.


You are going abroad and only need a short list of the most useful phrases? BBC has a list of the key phrases, needed by a tourist. As an added bonus, you can download a file with their pronunciations, and listen to the phrases on your phone or music player, even while you are on your trip.

My Language Exchange

You’d like to practice what you ve learned with a native speaker? This website is where you can join small groups of people, with whom to practice two languages – half of the time is spent helping with your native tongue, and the other half – on the language you d like to learn. This tool is most useful for people who are at an intermediate level.


Remember how in school we had pen pals from another country? This tool uses the same principle, but in a modernized way. With the help of this website, you will not only be able to practice the written from of another language, but you’d also meet a bunch of interesting people, some of which may even become your friends one day.


In this website, you can receive a free review of your written work, in another language. The tool relates on its users, who correct each other’s papers. Even though you run the risk of getting a helper who is not the best speller in their native language, papers are usually graded by more than one user, so you can compare the results for yourself.

These days, helping to study is not a privilege but a daily routine. To have time for self-education, you can delegate your work to others, for example, write services with the words write my paper for me and that way, you will get a good grade and learn something new and valuable for yourself.

Don’t forget that languages are very important for your work, future, development. There is no matter in which sphere you work – online business, school, digital agency and SEO optimization, tourism, you have to learn and progress.