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Packing tips for your next girls weekend getaway

Packing tips for your next girls weekend getaway

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Planning a girl’s weekend getaway is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family while relaxing and decompressing from the stress of everyday life.

Before heading out on your next girls trip, implement a few packing tips to ensure you are fully prepared for any adventure you encounter while you are away from home.

Bring Only One Bag

Choosing to pack only one bag is highly advisable when you intend to travel with multiple friends who are all staying in one hotel room or location.

Coordinate your packing plans with other girls in your group and set a limit on the number of bags each person plans to bring. A carry on is the perfect amount of space for a weekend getaway and isn’t limiting if you’re traveling by plane.

Research Your Final Destination

Before you begin the packing process, research your final destination to learn more about the current climate, and events that are occurring during your planned travel dates. Spend time learning about the area, culture, and people of your final destination along with traditional clothing and accessories, especially if you are traveling out of the country to a foreign location.

The more you know about the destination you are traveling to, the easier it is to pack the proper clothing, accessories, and any other belongings you may need while you are away from home.

Consider Your Planned Adventures

Is your girls weekend dedicated to relaxing by a pool and sipping wine, or are you planning an outdoor retreat that involves hiking, skiing, and physical activity?

Consider the type of adventure you and your friends are planning before you begin packing clothes for your upcoming getaway. Some of the most common types of clothing to pack whenever you are heading out to a girls weekend include:

Simple shirts: Neutral colored t-shirts and tank tops are great for just about any occasion
Swimwear: Staying in a hotel with a pool or traveling to a nearby lake? Pack your swimsuit, pool cover, sunglasses, and sunblock

Workout Wear: Planning to walk, hike, or run on your getaway? Pack traditional gym clothing such as workout shorts, capris, and leggings along with additional tank tops and sports bras

Nighttime: Pack a couple of “out on the town” outfits as your evening wear if you and your friends have plans to walk the city, visit restaurants, or even attend a local show in the area you are visiting. A great way to cut down on space is to mix and match a few outfits prior to leaving using one clothing item more than once. An example of this could be a great pair of versatile jeans or a simple dress that can be dressed up or down depending on your plans


Packing accessories can feel overwhelming if you are an accessory lover but limited to just one bag. Pack a few of your favorite pieces of jewelry that blend well with just about any outfit combination you prefer, and steer clear of traveling with jewelry that is designed to fit just one outfit. Additional accessories to pack when planning a girls weekend getaway include:

  • Sleeping Mask
  • Earplugs
  • Portable Music Player
  • Neck Pillow (Ideal When Traveling Via Airplane)
  • Pens/Writing Utensils
  • Notepads/Journals
  • Lotion/Body Moisturizer
  • Water Bottle (Portable and Durable)
  • Reading Items to Keep Busy During Downtime

Food and Drinks 

If you are planning to drive to your weekend getaway, hit the road only once you have stocked up on food and drinks. Purchasing drinks and food while visiting a tourist destination can quickly add up in cost.

If you want to stick to your intended budget while also ensuring you and your group have adequate sustenance, invest in a travel cooler and other storage containers to keep snacks, drinks, and non-perishable food readily available once you arrive. Some snacks and food to consider packing on your next road trip with the girls include:

  • Bottled Water
  • Wine/Spirits
  • Canned Food/Prepackaged Meals
  • Beef Jerky
  • Candy
  • Chips/Bagged Snacks
  • Dried Fruits and Vegetables
  • Hydration Drinks/Gatorade
  • Trail Mix


When you limit yourself to traveling with one bag, it can seem challenging to pack additional items aside from your clothing and necessary accessories. Providing entertainment throughout your trip does not have to include large items. When packing entertaining items, consider the following:

  • A Deck of Cards
  • DVDs/Movies
  • CDs for Road Trips
  • AUX Cord for Music in Vehicles
  • Puzzle Games/Puzzle Books
  • Game Apps Easily Accessible on Your Smartphone

Taking the time to coordinate your girl’s weekend getaway and packing properly is a way to make the most out of your time spent away from home. With a bit of planning and preparation, you’ll be able pack the essentials without feeling bogged down and overwhelmed before and during your trip.