Traveler's Test

30 amazing travel ideas before 30 (+а free printable poster)

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Life is uncertain, eat the dessert first.

Or, in other words, don’t postpone the good stuff for the time you might not be able to do it. Use your best years to collect memories, to make friends all over the world, to learn to fly, to climb peaks, to dive into oceans and to eat a loooot of ice-cream.

Here’s a list of 30 amazing travel ideas to complete before you turn 30. There’s a lot of time to go and the best way to keep track of how the challenge is coming on is to print the list and hang it on the wall.

Recent research shows that having photos of your dreams somewhere where you can see them every day increases the possibility of making them true. Sooooo >>>>

You can download a printable pdf (A4/8.5 by 11.0 inches) here.


Here’s a list of the ideas:

  1. Hug a kangaroo.
  2. Climb a peak.
  3. Sail.
  4. Bathe in a waterfall.
  5. Ride a camel.
  6. Fly in a balloon.
  7. Volunteer.
  8. Dive into a coral reef.
  9. Bungee jump.
  10. Make friends abroad.
  11. Take part in a marathon.
  12. Dance at a carnival.
  13. Drink rum in Cuba.
  14. Live abroad.
  15. Travel without a plan.
  16. Sleep under the stars.
  17. Hitchhike.
  18. Travel with no money.
  19. Explore a cave.
  20. Camp in the wild.w
  21. Eat 1 kilo of ice-cream.
  22. Swim with dolphins.
  23. Paragliding.
  24. Spend a day in a hammock.
  25. See the Northern Lights.
  26. Try snowshoeing.
  27. Do some night swimming.
  28. Step on 7 continents.
  29. See 1000 sunrises.
  30. Join a local celebration.



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    Wow that’s some list! I have done only 11 so far and i am already 32 :/

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