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Live abroad for a while – get more creative, richer and smarter

Live abroad for a while – get more creative, richer and smarter

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It seems that temporarily changing your residence not only recharges your batteries, but also makes you smarter, more creative and more attractive to employers. Not that people live abroad for these reasons, but the side effects prove more than favorable. Study abroad, participate in exchange programs or simply see what life is like in a favorite foreign country.

Why do it:

Students who have lived abroad perform 18% better in solving problems, which require creativity (a study of a British university). People who have lived in a multicultural environment receive more job offers compared to those who have never lived abroad (a study of a big business school). Learning a foreign language develops the part of the brain which is responsible for memory (a Swedish study). 

Get inspired…

The Shuswap Native Americans lived a settled way of life. They could find everything they needed to survive near the village. However, with time, life became mundane, there were no challenges, everything was familiar and predictable, and so, once every 25-30 years, the elders would take the decision for the whole village to move. That’s how Native Americans found new rivers and new forests to explore.They found new challenges.