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Save Big Money on Your Next Rental Car

Save Big Money on Your Next Rental Car

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You may need a rental car whether you are traveling or if your car is in the shop. It will give you more independence and freedom to go where you want instead of using public means of transportation. 

Regardless, getting the best rate on a rental car is in your best interest. Renting cars can be costly if you do not know what you are doing. 

The following tips will help you save big money on your next rental car:

Book Early

Like hotel reservations, the earlier you book your rental car, the less it will likely cost. Rental car companies need to estimate demand weeks in advance. They will hence offer you better rates for booking early, making it easier for them to calculate the demand and have the car ready when you want it. 

You should book early as peak travel season approaches around the summer. You will not only get a reasonable price, but you will most likely get a great car too. Never wait until the last minute to book a rental car because you will pay for it.

Check Insurance Coverage

It is advisable always to get insurance when you hire a rental car. It is too expensive to pay for any damages out of pocket when you could have paid a little extra for insurance. However, don’t just get the insurance coverage the rental company recommends. 

Most companies will tell you to get comprehensive insurance which can be double the price of minimum liability insurance. Use Cheap Insurance to find the most favorable insurance policy for the rental car. You should also confirm with your auto insurance provider the best coverage for a rental car.

Use Third Party Sites

To pay less for rental cars, you should use third-party sites to rent the car instead of going to the rental company themselves. These sites usually have discounts because they rent cars in bulk and enjoy bulk rental rates. 

These discounts can significantly affect the price you pay for a rental car. Sites like Autoslash are excellent options to reduce the price of rental cars. Moreover, if you put your membership with AAA or other memberships, the price can go even lower because there may be online coupons you can redeem for the rental car.

Check Bundle Deals

Many people will choose to rent cars as part of a bundle deal usually offered by a hotel or a travel service. You should be very wary of these bundles because they are never what they seem. You should always take a ‘free car’ at face value because you often pay more to rent the car than you would if you were to hire it individually. 

Though the bundles are often designed to save money by aggregating various services like airfare and hotel rooms, you should always determine how much you will pay by getting the bundle deal or hiring the car individually.

Take Pictures and Videos

Rental car services are different, and some are out to make as much money from you as possible. They will charge you for damage to the car even though you are not at fault for the damage. 

Therefore, you must take pictures and videos of the car immediately after renting it before even starting the car. Go around the car and ensure you have evidence of any blemishes, including dents and non-functional parts like lights. When you return the car, and they try to charge you for the damages, you will save a lot of money by having evidence of the car before hiring it. 

You need to know as much as you can about rental cars before hiring one. The above are five tips to help you save money when hiring a rental vehicle. The cost of hiring a rental car will vary from service to service but doing your research is the best way to ensure you get a good deal.